Global Configs Winter 2010
The CB Eurocup and the ESL Major Series have been finished with some great matches and the Winter League has just begun so with a little bit of delay we are proud to present a new global configset of Clanbase and the Electronic Sports League. All upcoming competitions and matches of the Winter League have to be played with the new configs.
  • forcetapout fixed (lua by Perloung)
  • CB & ESL mapscripts merged (e.g. Caen, Karsiah, Supply, sw_oasis)
  • riflegrenades 1 + 3 (like CB fall)
  • cg_crosshairx & cg_crosshairy is now allowed from -2 to 2
  • added some maps & mapscripthashes (e.g. erdenberg)
  • fixed the karsiah_te2 vote problem (see detailed explanation)

Karsiah explanation for serveradmins on local Windows OS
  • if windows asks you to overwrite karsiah_te2.script at extracting do so
  • upload all files as you are used to
  • rename the karsiah_te2.script as following: switch the capital "K" to a small "k" or the other way round, depending on what you overwrote before
  • upload the karsiah_te2.script from your local pc again
  • now you should have two karsiah mapscripts with different first letters on your linux gameserver

This will allow you to manually vote by console and by the vote menu, which was previously broken.

For those who want to know, we elaborate the problem:
The mapscriptfile that is used by the server is chosen by a maps shortname, which is defined in its .arena file within the maps .pk3.
As linux is case sensitive you can have a karsiah_te2.script and Karsiah_te2.script in one folder, which you can not on Windows.
The map-vote-system of etpro is also case sensitive so if you vote a map with a weird name like "rAdAr" it will break the config as there is no mapscriptfile with that name and thus the etpro mapscripthash does not fit.
Usually this problem does not occur in the way it does with karsiah, but unfortunately the mapper falsely gave his map a shortname with a capital "K", which you usually do not do.


eiM, Monday, 20/12/10 19:56
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