Thursday's Amazing Game
An amazing game will happen tonight in the ESL Winter Leagues. Both teams are fighting for their chance to qualify in the Winter Leagues Playoffs. The standings show only one team that might be qualified so far in the Playoffs from this Group C, so all teams are doing their best to be the 2nd team to qualify!
This match is between Splendid-Encrypt and a.Toon.et. Looking at the stats, I'd say the new a.Toon team has all the chances to qualify since they already won against S.I.C.K. On the other side, mental & co still without a win in this edition of the Winter Leagues. Maybe their luck will change tonight, who knows?

As you may remembered, the match between Splendid-Encrypt and S.I.C.K. had some problems and after many talks, we have decided to replay this match on 30th of January. We all agreed that this match should be for the viewers, after all, two good teams will battle for a spot in the Winter Leagues, so it's a shame to see it decided by an admin. So keep that in mind while you read the statements from below!

Thursday, 19/01/12 21:00
Status: closed

  Game Play Serve.. (#15) [0:4]  a.ToOn.et (#7)

Pre-Match Statements & Predictions

m1kE from Splendid-Encrypt
We have been playing very inconsistent these last few weeks. With us being the underdogs yet again, maybe our opponent will underestimate us and we can take a map or even a win if we are lucky, seeing as we aren't playing grush, a map which stexx and elvis play 24/7.
About the score, it can go any way, with the expected 4:0 win for them, to a surprising win by us with 4:2. As far as the player to watch is concerned, obviously me for obj play, or anyone else for aim :P

hvK from Splendid-Encrypt
Our performance has been a little shaky lately and we haven't really settled down since messing around with the lineup, from all the unnecessary drama in the last game we'll be wanting to put things straight, I expect to lose 0-4 but nothing is ever simple in this game, if we play up to our full potential then you could see a decent game, our games never tend to be too boring.
As for player to watch I'd go with either danL, mental or m1ke, you never know what they're going to do next.

wizzem from Splendid-Encrypt
I'm looking forward to that game. Since I know we've good teamplay lately and the opponent isn't praccing that much I would go for a 4-2, not sure for which team atm.
I would say that the Player that everyone should watch from our team is no one else than Ikna(hvK). For the opposite team it could be kiwi or the 1on1 ESL Star kartez. I hope the opponent knows the rules :)

kiwiiiiiiii from a.Toon.et
We did quite well in the last praccs even if we haven't played any single match the last week. This match should be izi even if they may have good teamplay but that shouldn't be a problem for us. I guess it will be an izi 4-0 for us and the players to watch are obv in my team. :P

Kartez from a.Toon.et
I think it can be a close game as it can be one sided. Luck will be part of the game, and hopefully it will be on our side.

Elviss from a.Toon.et
We're performing well atm. In my opinion, we should win this match with 4:0. Player to watch would be kiwi, cuz he's one of the best aimers atm.

All possible thanks to our partners!


Good Luck and Have Fun!

Your Admin Team
FoaMeA, Thursday, 19/01/12 18:28
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