Evolution Challenge - 1st Matchday Reviews
The first matchday is over and the 2nd is about to start today. Eight teams had to enter the lower bracket while the other eight teams go on in the upper bracket. We gathered some statements on the latest results!

Matchday 1

The matchday started with a real thriller. In a four mapper match the winner was determined adn right here we will start with our little review!
Specula aka Radzix - bSTURZ (lineup)
well man srsly it was an amazing match against Sleeperz. For a long time I didnt play an offi like this, from the first second till the last second, I was so nervous because I didnt want to lose to testi :D and my heart boomed like a machine gun :DD. But in the end we won 5:3 (radar,grush,supply,bremen) after 2 hours of pure gaming :D.

Testi - Sleeperzzz (lineup)
We were really unlucky with losing that match vs bSTURZ, but it was a good match from both sides. After we won radar quite fast, we took goldrush as 2nd map. We almost fullheld them, but they were able to set a time of 14 minutes and a couple of seconds. After we failed in our attack on gr and couldnt set a time, we took supply and that was a double fullhold. After that map hste had to leave to pick up his mom and a drunk backup joined in. Basicly playing 5 vs 6, we were getting raped on bremen and it was a good game after they set a time arround 5 minutes. Although we lost, i still think we shouldve won and i'm looking forward to meet them again later in the lower bracket! A close game!

The next was obviously that clear that the guys from Pharaons were not reachable for any statement during the last days! If there will be one, we will add it - for sure!
RAMOZ - Mysterious Monkeys - wNb (lineup)
After the last successful train matches we expected something more against Pharaons than this clear and deserved 0:4 defeat. At least we expected to make it a bit harder for them but we failed. A lot of mistakes, less communication...a deserved win for Pharaons and if we do not improve the next match will be the last for us!

COJIINE - Logic.et (lineup)
Blurred Vision was better than us, the best won. We played bad, We are trying to get a stable line up but with holidays and summer its hard.We will try to do our best for the rest of this cup. For the next round, We play Tryout, I think we can win, it will be close!

Gabri22 - ProGamerS.et (lineup)
We were considered one of the weakest teams and so we had to face overload, we knew we had no chance. The match was one sided, but we managed to play goldrush quite good. This was a great experience for us, it is fantastic to see how skilled teams play, we learned a lot from this match. Now we have to face sticked, a nice team, this time we have a chance and we hope to take it, because we are the italian stallion.

saKen - - overload gaming (lineup)
We´re glad to have won the first game, we´ve been struggling to get enough players together with holidays/computer issues popping up. We´re looking forward to the game against Lost Soldiers and hope to advance to the next round.

Cupra - JoinTheForce - EUNd (lineup)
Well.. I think everybody could see in our match against JB that they were way too strong, still I think we did a quite good job and it's always nice to play against better teams to see where we are and what we need to work on. We will try to keep working on our weak points and I'm pretty sure we'll become stronger as a team.

Sinnu - Jungle Brothers (lineup)
The first game was kind of a wake-up call. We played decently, though zerender and sNoOp hadn't played for a while. We had good teamwork + great comms on teamspeak. The opponent was decent, but we expected to win. They surprised us a bit, mainly cause they had been praccing a lot and they've been together for quite a while now. But everything worked out as we expected and we won it 4:0. GL to our opponents in the next rounds. We hope to perform well in the next games as well. We just have to wait and see.

FLoPJEHZ - colt45 and 2 zig zags! (lineup)
We had no problems winning this match. All ran expected and we are looking forward to the next matches. Good Luck for Team Decerto in the lower bracket!

mikEHhakaJ4R3k - Team Decerto (lineup)
Well, We were expecting it. We held for more minutes than we expected, so pretty good for us.

fwraven - Tryout (lineup)
Rolled us like a piece of sh*t. 4:0 mPG.

MAILAMAKE - mPG (lineup)
It was fine, any word on when brackets gonna be updated?

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All possible thanks to our partners!

Good Luck to all teams!
//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Thursday, 12/07/12 19:27
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