Ladder Team of the Month!
We're glad to announce the start of a new cup series within our section. In order to gain more activity in the ladders, we have modified the mappool and also the rules so all players enjoy playing our ladders and we have also decided to create this monthly event to decide which team is the best one in either 2on2/3on3/6on6 ladder! Every month we'll announce which ladder is in our sight, so you better sign up in all to be sure that you'll be part of this competition! Prizes are a must so keep on reading!

More details about Ladder Team of the Month

This month we want to make a 6on6 cup so our attention is directed to the 6on6 ladder! We'll be offering an ET server to be used for 1 month for the team that wins the cup!

How to qualify?
You need to sign up in the ladder and play as much as possible! We will select top16 teams from the ladder and we'll add it in an One Day Cup that will be hosted on 11th March.

How will I be seeded?
If you're ranked 1st in the ladder, you are seeded 1st.
If you're ranked 2nd in the ladder, you are seeded 2nd.
If you're ranked 3rd in the ladder, you are seeded 3rd, etc.

When will it be played?
As I said above, we'll have this cup being played on Sunday, 11th of March, as an One Day Cup. It will be Single Elimination, because we want the teams to fight more in the ladder to gain a better seeding!

Do I gain anything from this cup?
Of course you do! We'll be giving a 16 slot ET server, sponsored by gameplayservers.com to the winner, to be used for 1 month!

What are you waiting for? Sign up in the 6on6 ladder to start playing!

New mappool for Ladders

1on1 2on2 3on3 6on6
ctf_multi Adlernest Adlernest Adlernest
ctf_well Braundorf B4 Braundorf B4 Frostbite
mp_sillyctf Frostbite Frostbite Supply
multi_huntplace Supply Supply SW Goldrush TE
osiris TC_Base ET Beach Missile_b3
te_valhalla ET_ice ET_ice Bremen_b3
the_station SP Delivery TE SP Delivery TE Radar
tournamentdm_v2 SW Goldrush TE TC Base SW Battery
SW Goldrush TE
Erdenberg B2

Rules modifications

We have modified the rules for you so that players enjoy our ladders! This rules will apply for cups and ladders starting now! Here's what you need to know:
Changing Gameaccounts

If there's one or more missing gameaccounts during a match, players will have 24 hours to upload their gameaccount after the match, otherwise they will receive 3/6 penalty points. The match will not be deleted nor forfeited as gameaccounts shouldn't normally affect the match.

Player Agreements

We let players to make agreements based on their ladder & cup match with the following note. Teams & players can only contest the match settings before the start of the match, not after.

Pressing F3 means that you agree with all the match settings and all other reclamations will not be taken into account. We, the ESL EU ET Admin Squad, will not take any accusations & reclamations into account if it's proven that you have agreed with the settings before the match started.

Read the whole rules set!

All possible thanks to our partners!


Contact & Help

If you have any problems, please do not doubt in contacting us:
Via mIRC, #esl.et @ Quakenet.
Via Support Ticket

Good Luck to all Teams and have much of Fun!
//Your Admin Team

FoaMeA, Saturday, 18/02/12 22:56
Rules Adjustments
Sign up in 6on6!
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