Lost too much points
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yesterday we played against fatal1ty gaming and we lost 4:2.
They write in 4:0 and so we lost more points and thats wrong.
But the match is already closed.
Is here an admin, which can change the score.
If you need Demo... we have one to accept it.
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Im from fatal1ty gaming.
We won 4:2 but i had to go wrong because i write 4:0.
Im sorry about that but now we cant do anything.
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Guys check
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Lagz, both have agreed with scores, It is not only 1 side agreement.

Anyway scores were set up allready before, when we noticed that mistake.

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If I remember right, only point for 4/0 & 0/4 counts, others does not counts anymore.

exemple: you will win same points (maximum points available) if you scores 3/1 or 4/0 or 4/2
and losers will lose the maximum of points also.
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