Electronic Sports World Cup Counter-Strike: Source Qualifier

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To enter this tournament a team needs to pay 50 euro's. This can be done via paypal. A sign-up will not be accepted before the payment is received. More information can be found here.

The top2 of the tournament will get a direct spot in the Grand Finals including a paid hotel and entrance fee.

The number 3 and 4 of the tournament will get a direct spot in the Grand Finals including a paid entrance fee.

Country Restriction
In order to sign-up your country must be listed here. You are not allowed to enter the tournament if your country has a local qualifier.
- Austria
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Belarus
- Switzerland
- Czech Republic
- Germany
- Denmark
- Spain
- Finland
- Greece
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Ireland
- Israel
- Italy
- Liechtenstein
- Luxembourg
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Romania
- Russian Federation
- Serbia and Montenegro
- Sweden
- Slovenia
- Slovakia
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- United Kingdom

We switched to a 64team double elim so the tournament now fits on 3 days.

Monday 19.09
20CET : Round 1 WB
21CET : Round 2 WB / Round 1 LB
22CET : Round 3 WB / Round 2 LB
23CET : Round 3 LB

Tuesday 20.09
20CET : Round 4 LB
21CET : QuarterFinal WB / Round 5 LB
22CET : SemiFinal WB / Round 6 LB
23CET : Round 7 LB

Wednesday 21.09
20CET : Round 8 LB
21CET : Final WB / SemiFinal LB
22CET : Final LB
23CET : Big Final

So we need all team on IRC #eswc.css @19:30CET each day

Match format & veto
All matches are best of one. According to the amount of signups this can be adjusted, for example that starting from the quarter finales a best of three. An admin will notify teams regarding this.

The teams remove one map at the time, the highest seeded team starts removing, until 1 map is left over. Sides are determined by knife.

No Shows
If your opponent is not ready to play, 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, then you should report that your opponent is a no show to an admin in the Cup Chat.

Protests must be raised to admins in the cup chat as soon as possible. Protests raised late, or through the website may be ignored.

The server search can be done by the teams themselves but ten minutes before the match starts the teams need to have come to an agreement on the server. Else an admin will force a decision.

The selected server should have at least one spectator slot for a match admin and SourceTV must be enabled via the official config. If both teams cannot come to an agreement an admin will enforce the most fair server to play on.

The team that owns the server has to:
- Set SourceTV and send IP to an admin at least 15 minutes before the match starts.
- Upload the screenshots of the score and the RCON status and the file of the recorded SourceTV directly after game.
- Use the latest version of zBlock approved by the ESL is mandatory.
- Use the latest version of the ESL-Plugin has to be used in all ESL-Matches
- Use the ESL-Plugin in order to load the EMS Server-Configs for each match

Anti-Cheat ESL Wire
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat then he is not allowed to take part in a match.

All players have to check and fix their ESL Wire before the begin of the cup.
Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
Frequently Asked Questions

Match Media
It is the responsibility of both sides to ensure all match media are uploaded to the match page within 15 min of the match ending:
- A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each half
- A screenshot of the rcon status

Demo recording
It is mandatory for all players to record point of view (POV) demos for the full duration of all matches without exception. SourceTV demos are not a replacement.
all matchmedia need to be kept until the end of the tournament and have to be uploaded if it is requiered by an admin.

SourceTv Relay Booking
Here is a small tutorial for working Source-TV and booking an HLTV

We (ESL admin or BlankTV admin) need some information from you and you have to look at a few things in order to get Source-TV working properly and the possibility to upload the TV-Demo.

- load the EMS-Settings
- change to the map of your match
- load the EMS-Settings again
- type rcon tv_status in the console and write down the ip and port of the TV

- the default tv_relaypassword in the settings is "sauce" which is forced by the last loading of the settings. please do not use your own password.

- contact an ESL Admin on IRC and give the ip and tv_port to them, they will then connect the TV to the server and write the IP in a report in the match.
You can also directly contact a blankTv admin with the same information.

- after the match change the map or stop the TV (tv_stop, tv_stoprecord) and the TV-Demo on your server is ready to download and you can upload it to the matchmedia.

Missing/incomplete ESL Wire AC files result in a default loss
No show results in a default loss
Match times are fixed each night and cannot be rescheduled
Once a player has played for a team in the qualifier, they are not allowed to play for any other team



Current requirements:
  Residence Must reside in one of the following countries:

Country code: at,ba,be,bg,by,ch,cz,de,dk,es,fi,fr,fr,gr,hu,hr,ie,il,is,it,li,lu,nl,no,pl,pt,ro,ru,se,si,sk,tr,ua,uk,cs,lt,rs,me,yu,ic
min. members: 3
  Gameaccount Players must have the following Game ID registered and up to date to play in this league. If your Game ID has changed, please make sure it is up to date.

Type: SteamID CSS/HL2 (click here to add)
min. members: 5



  • de_tuscan
  • de_dust2
  • de_inferno
  • de_train
  • de_nuke
  • de_contra
  • de_season

* = Default


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
Min. members: 5
Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days
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  • 5.735.150 Registered Users
  • 2.478.860 Active Users
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