RaidCall EMS One Cup #1: Copenhagen Wolves win!
This Tuesday the RaidCall EMS One will start over once again with its Summer 2013 Season. In the first cup the best eight teams from the previous season will meet up with the national champions of Germany, Poland and Spain, the top 12 from the A-Series as well as the Go4CS:GO winner of last Sunday. Join the cup or enjoy the stream!

UPDATE #2: Copenhagen Wolves win the first cup!

In a tensed semi final on de_nuke, the Copenhagen Wolves made it happen and defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas with an impressive 16:8 which only 24% of the community saw coming. WGG won their match as expected by 83% of you with the same result. In the Grand Finals and with this record for the first cup Copenhagen Wolves took down the next team, this time 2:0 in the Best of 3. We can expect quite a lot from a team that took down 3 out of 8 playoff teams from the last season only in the first week! Congratulations going to Copenhagen, see you next week!

UPDATE: See the Semi Finals and the Grand Final live on ESL TV

19:00 CEST Semi Final #1: WGG vs. Ildal Lions
With just one week after the addition of kennyS to the team WGG showed an impressive performance and kicked out both n!faculty and VeryGames during the early stages, which brought them to this sweet spot for tonight. Ildal Lions did not less good while defeating both fnatic and ALTERNATE on their way. At 19:00 CEST you can see which of them does better and joins the Grand Final.

20:00 CEST Semi Final #2: Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Copenhagen Wolves
While Ninjas in Pyjamas did their "usual thing" and eliminated Epsilon and ESC Gaming on their way to the semi finals, the Copenhagen Wolves had a hard time right in the first round. Against the WesternWolves, the needed the overtime to win the match. Once they passed the first round their performance exploded. 16:3 and 16:4 against Anexis and Absolute Legends are very impressive and we might see the Ninjas having some trouble tonight at 20:00 CEST!

Live on ESL TV with Joe & Jason
More information on csgo.raidcall-emsone.com

The surprise team of this cup has clearly been Sprintfox, who secured victories over fnatic and ALTERNATE. We asked the underdogs for a statement:
Renè 'prozac' Odenthal, Business Development Manager for Sprintfox
Going into the cup, our team had a shaky start. On de_mirage against ENCE, we lost the first half with a score of 1-14. After a little discussion and a really good start of the second half, we built up a great momentum and confidence, which led to a glorious – phoenix-like – comeback, winning the match with 16-14.

Before the second match, danielsan told me that they felt really pumped despite facing Fnatic. Playing de_mirage again was great, since the last match against ENCE resulted in a perfect warm-up. This time, they've rectified the errors they did in the match before and it worked out very well. On de_inferno against Alternate, our team started the game with a positive mindset, as they knew that they were totally capable to counter ALTERNATE's T-side engagement, which was also their reason to stay CT after winning the knife-round. Our main goal was to beat Fnatic, and we did that, but our guys made us even more proud by winning against Alternate as well.

Sure, LDLC is another really good opponent, but we're pretty confident that our team has a good chance to beat them, too. We're those kind of guys who start small and grow up step by step on our way to reach what we're dreaming of. We know when it matters to step up consequently – but we'll never underestimate an opponent or lose our respect towards him. No, we aren't that kind of conceited guys.

To state it clearly: It doesn't matter if they win today's match or not. Sure, it would be great if they do, but they have our full support and recognition when it comes to their efforts. I think that by picking up these guys, we made a pretty good decision – and we're happy to welcome
them home.

RaidCall EMS One live on ESL TV

Every Tuesday and Wednesday ESL TV will show you the best matches live from the RaidCall EMS One cups. Tune in to the shows starting at 19:00 CEST on both days. They will be presented by our awesome broadcaster duo: Joe Miller and Jason Kaplan. They will bring you the best action from the CS:GO cups including teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, fnatic or VeryGames!

The Schedule:
Tuesday, 19:00 CEST Round 1
Tuesday, 20:00 CEST Round 2
Tuesday, 21:00 CEST Round 3
Wednesday, 19:00 CEST Semi Final #1
Wednesday, 20:00 CEST Semi Final #2
Wednesday, 21:00 CEST Grand Final

Qualification for DreamHack Summer

We are happy to announce a great additional incentive for teams to do well in the first stage of the RaidCall EMS One: After the four cups, two spots in the main tournament of the DreamHack Summer 2013 go to the two top teams in the overall ranking who haven't secured themselves a spot yet. The event will take place from June 15th to 18th in Jonkoping, Sweden and features a prize pool of 200 000 SEK, which amounts to around $30,000.

The adjusted seeding procedure

Due to the feedback from last season we adjusted the seeding system slightly to give good performing teams the seeding they deserve. Instead of having a fixed seeding for the top 8, the national champions and the Go4CS:GO team, we wanted to extend the point system we already used in the cups of last season.

The top 8 will not depend on the last season's ranking but on the points you earn this season. In the second cup, the best 8 teams from Cup #1 will be seeded first and get the free wins in the first round. The Top 8, national champions and Go4 winner will still get their spot for the following cups but not a fixed seeding. This will help to have a proper seeding throughout the season with teams that perform badly not having a top seed.

Good luck and have fun!
Soodi, Wednesday, 15/05/13 15:55
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