ESL Major Series: The 2nd season for Crossfire Europe
After the big announcement of the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 we can announce the second season for Crossfire Europe with 5,000€ prize money. Between the two seasons we thought about possible changes for the next one and made some improvements to the rule book, which will be announced later, but keep reading for more details on the next EMS season.

What is Crossfire Europe?

Crossfire Europe is an intense, fast-paced, competitive free-to-play FPS charging into Europe by SG Interactive! Developed by SG Interactive’s parent Co., SmileGate, Crossfire is one of the top online games in the world with millions of registered users.

A short rules overview

In the second season we will also play 5vs5 Search & Destroy with the same maps we have in the Country Championship. We will most likely use the same set of rules for the EMS Winter Season 2012, but that will be announced before the first Qualifier take place.

The schedule

We will announce the qualifiers in a different news in the next weeks, but for now we can present you the preliminary schedule:
Qualifiers: 09th September until 07th October
Groupstage: 15th October until 11th of November
Playoffs: 26th November until 23rd of December

Prize money breakdown

The total prize money reserved for this season is €5,000 and it is distributed like this.

EMS Winter Season 2012 Crossfire Europe

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €1,000

We wish all teams the best of luck in the upcoming qualifications for the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 and have fun playing Crossfire Europe on the ESL.

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bLackhawk, Wednesday, 05/09/12 14:51
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comments (12)
So we start next week, but we cant even register yet? :P
CEFO Tera Hounds and Select already qualified right ?
Tomorrow we will publish another news with more details about the qualifiers.
Qualifiers: 09th September until 07th October

The 2nd Go4CF cup is on 9th September?
We announced a period of time, where the qualifiers are held and not the dates ;-) Just wait until the details are announced.
By the way, I could only access this page through the central home hub and the 5on5 ladder. But not on the actual crossfire section, wut?
gl to all teams, expecting some surprises tbh :D
Just a small caching problem.
bLackhawk wrote:
Just a small caching problem.

So hounds tera cefo and select is auto groupstaged right?
@#11 - http://www.esl.eu/eu/ems/winter2012/crossfire/news/203053/

Check out the qualifier news ;-)
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