Aequitas 0.9g released - CoD 4 support!
A new version of the ESL anti-cheat tool is released. Several bugs are fixed and some new features are implemented in version 0.9g. For the first time there is support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It includes random screenshots, config overview and replay listing. You can find in this news what else was added.

Release Notes
added support for Call of Duty 4

improved support for Call of Duty 2

fixed Runtime Error 9 when starting ESL Aequitas

disabled replay listing for CS 1.6 and CS:S

due to compability issues ESL Aequitas has to run with admin

privileges (Windows Vista)

minor fixes

The admin team tested the Call of Duty 4 support beforehand but now it's your turn! Help us to put Aequitas to an acid test. In a month-long test period we ask all players of CoD 4 to use Aequitas 0.9g in their matches and to upload the files to the website. Your feedback matters! It's the only way to remove potential problems before 0.9g becomes a must in CoD 4 matches.

More information about the Call of Duty 4 support will follow soon!

Aequitas 0.9g replaces all previous versions immediately effective.
GrafZhL, Tuesday, 08/07/08 17:01
ESL Aequitas - download
ESL Aequitas - faq
ESL Aequitas - first steps
ESL Aequitas - strikes again!
comments (20)
nice ...
n1 BOOOOOST !! gogogo
very nice
probaly because kiddies requesting all the time demos if they know that they oppent don't got the time
esl makes the cheaters safer again!

disabled replay listing for CS 1.6 and CS:S

esl= esports Scheating liga :P
good =)
omg thnx xD
#6, what does replaylisting have to do with cheaters?

if you think someone cheats, you can still request demos, this is just to discourage teams who request demos only to get their matches deleted
true rogue, i just flamed without thinking about it :/

you are totally right! my fault :)

i got one match deleted cause of this -.- :P
very good, gj=)

yes but don't record give some advantages...
even if i have 300-400 fps when i record i'm so laggy... so it's normal that all people need to play in the same conditions... so record for all or match delete!

It's the same like don't have any GUI or Bunnyjump with the mouse...

But I agree with you on the fact that a lot of people request the demo only for delete the match and check the aequitas log only for that...
Forgive a record once can be possible, but some guyz forgive her record all the time ^^
And maybe they don't cheat... but the FPS gap it's impressive with record or without.

Naturally i speak for Cs source xD
its like a fist going down on those cheater fags

*thumbs up*
WOW super :)
also bei mir hats geklapped r3
disabled replay listing for CS 1.6 and CS:S ._____.

due to compability issues ESL Aequitas has to run with admin privileges

too bad it doesnt work anymore :)
when running aequitas in admin mode (and running tf2 as normal user), it complains with the error-message "ERROR: couldn't get the full path of the game process".

Is there a formal way to report aequitas bugs?
And dont tell me to start tf2 as admin user. this is 2008, not 1998 :P
omg jetzt haben wir zwar screens wo man sieht wie leute den lodscale befehl auf über 5 schrauben, und die ESL meint dazu: naja wenn man vom punkbuster nicht gekickt wird ist es legal!!
Could someone tell me why the AVG see aequitas as a Troian Horse/Backdoor ? http://www.callofduty.ro/images/backdoor.JPG
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