apeX.eSports vs. Protective Team
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 Protective Team
Status: closed
MatchID 24077268
Date Sunday, 25/09/11 20:00
Calculated 26/09/11 00:31
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mp_strike 13 : 16
mp_backlot 13 : 9
mp_crossfire 13 : 9
apeX.eSports wins !
Points +3 : 0
25/09/11 22:35
uploaded with ESL Wire infused-vs-Prtctv-Maiko-Maps.zip
24.8 MB, 25/09/11 22:35, by Maiko (Prtctv)
25/09/11 22:39
uploaded with ESL Wire protective-vs-infusedtt-eslems.zip
23.8 MB, 25/09/11 22:39, by Mirk (Prtctv)
25/09/11 22:35
uploaded with ESL Wire prtctv_infused_ems_.zip
24.5 MB, 25/09/11 22:35, by Yiwit (Prtctv)




king joffrey


20/09/11 16:21

The System

We will use of course the normal standard map pool well known in any bigger tournament or LAN event. First of all the maps will be determined in a vote/elimination system. Team A starts to eliminate one map then team B does it too. After this team A picks one map and team b follows. The remaining map will be the decider map. You'll have to play a first to 13 (MR12) point system on each map, means when one team reaches 13 point they win the map and you can continue with the second one. If there is a tie at the end, you have to continue in a MR3 round system, until a winner is decided.

mp_crossfire, mp_crash, mp_strike, mp_citystreets, mp_backlot.

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Due a mistake the wrong team came on your new opponent is http://www.esl.eu/eu/ems/season9/cod4/qr1/team/6131422/
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bu ne beyler?
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