OverGame vs. cHaos eSport
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 cHaos eSport
Status: closed
MatchID 24764214
Date Tuesday, 27/12/11 21:00
Calculated 28/12/11 01:23
map mp_citystreets
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13 : 10
OverGame wins !
Points +3 : 0
27/12/11 22:06
249 kB, 27/12/11 22:06, by tram_R (overGame)
27/12/11 21:46
demo tram_R plox*
6.6 MB, 27/12/11 21:46, by tram_R (overGame)
* No longer available
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27/12/11 21:43 tram_R (overGame) demo plox





cHaos eSport





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comments (24)
connect ; password pcw
no. We dont play in german server against germans when we are spanish.

we have french server. Spain-France-Germany. it's fair ok? VeryGames.net
xD wie beide server nicht zu gv streamen xD.
wie du das ernsthaft checkst weil du nichts zu tun hast :)
aham si
ich hab was zu tuhenxD den ganzen tag kommissionieren.Und wenn pause ist schau ich mal xD.Aber macht sie platt
1 edits
auf der esl seite kommisionnieren keke @$0
larrs wrote:
keke @$0
oh xD nein xDDDD
gg , wp tramr..h3h3
gg demo lmao
1 edits

ok, uploading

u'r the guys who have bad attitudes ;) insulting without any reason :D

gg anyway strong mid att

e: lol what the heck xD who did that demo request l0l0l0l0l
1 edits
?? lol hahahaha u were flaming all the game i only said stfu cos u were all the time saying u mad? and things like that.

YOU, have bad attitudes ingame, that's why u lost.
next time please dont shut down the wire process after 2 or 3 rounds and dont write it in teamchat man seriously how dumb are u.. 'logout: ---' i checked it. it only appears if you close the process, when you exit wire normal way you have a logout ;).

there are more ways than 'shut the fuck up', you can say that to us in a friendly way as we didnt write anything what could insult you in any way we just wrote bullshit so you are the guys with bad attitudes by triting shut up or shut the fuck up etc :)

we won't protest u but play next matches without writing in teamchat that u gonna close wire tramr

just that u recognize that: ur mates wrote mad the whole time check ur own demo ;) we wrote other bullshit but you could also have been asking if we could be silent and not if we could 'shut the fuck up' :)
2 edits
hahahahaa yeh ofc did u see the demo? oh wai-

press in ESL Wire Linesman, and download it

i won't write more with ppl like you, was a nice match we won that's all.

gg and accept we want to play against anexis as soon as possible.

pd: tell me another things that we said appart from STFU and watch what did you say. Dont be so clueless m8
1 edits
tramr is to pro to write normal with ppl like us, unlucky...and to pro to use anti cheat tools...
so... Silent please.
the linesman file is always uploaded before you join the server you dumbfuck dont write complete bullshit man i totally dont care but writing that u close it is just so horrible stupid! my god what the fuck is wrong with you? already told you we wont open protest but you are the guy who is clueless when u write that in teamchat and then this appears in the logfiles seriously..
a fregar
halts maul. :)
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