EMS IX CoD4: Grand Final *win premium*
These two teams are widely considered two of the best teams in the world over the past year, and it's fitting that they contend the final tournament from the 2011 season.
These two teams met each other in the Corsair Vengance Cup grand final a few months back. The team from Anexis eSports e.V. managed to win that final in a close match over mYinsanity. Now we are looking forward to see if the Wolves can get revenge on the kings of CoD4 and win the first prize of 1250€ prize money. The loser of this match goes home with 750€. You can also watch this match for free live on KaosTV starting at 20:00 CET.

The Grand Final

Sunday 22nd of January 20:00 CET on KaosTV
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Sunday, 22/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

 mYinsanity (#1)[2:0] Anexis eSports .. (#2)

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  • Just write the result you expect right here in the news comments (it´s BO3). For example: 2:0 Western Wolves, 2:1 Western Wolves, 2:0 Anexis, 2:1 Anexis.

    Then we pick out randomly one of the correct votes.

    Prize Money distribution

    Call of Duty 4

    3000 €

       1st 1250 €
       2nd 750 €
       3rd500 €

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    Your admin crew
    messioso, Saturday, 21/01/12 21:52
    comments (28)
    2:0 ANEXIS :D
    1 edits
    2:1 Anexis.
    2:1 Western Wolves
    2:1 Anexis
    Western Wolves 2:0
    ANEXIS 2:1
    2:0 Anexis
    2:1 anexis
    2:1 anexis
    0:2 ANEXIS
    2:1 Anexis^^
    2:1 Anexis
    2:1 Anexis
    ANEXIS 2:1
    2:1 Western Wolves
    2:1 Anexis
    2:1 Western Wolves
    2:1 Anexis
    2:1 ww
    2:0 Anexis ;)
    2:1 ww
    2:1 ww
    2:1 WW
    2:1 anexis
    2:1 anexis
    2:0 WW
    sny' wrote:
    2:0 WW

    Nice try after the match finished.
    I GUESS ikandro is the only one who wrote the right result n1 m8 :) ,but it was kinda expected that anexis would let them will like this :)
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