waterBottle TM2S vs. Infinity-Delta
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 waterBottle TM2S
Status: closed
MatchID 22076693
Date Sunday, 01/05/11 21:00
Calculated 02/05/11 01:29
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6 : 0
waterBottle TM2S wins !
Points +3 : 0
01/05/11 22:28
1v1 Nasty
79 kB, 01/05/11 22:28, by frostBeule (waterB)
01/05/11 22:28
2v2 Repeat
89 kB, 01/05/11 22:28, by frostBeule (waterB)
01/05/11 22:28
3v3 Poetry
58 kB, 01/05/11 22:28, by frostBeule (waterB)
01/05/11 22:28
5v5 Nasty
104 kB, 01/05/11 22:28, by frostBeule (waterB)



waterBottle TM2S



01/05/11 20:29
Inf-d Lineup edit
1on1: ChaosRising Sub: Ab
2on2: Clown, Salvatore` Sub: Roy
01/05/11 20:24
Line up
1on1: Chaosrising
Sub: Ab

2on2: Clown & Salvatore
Sub: Roy
01/05/11 12:43
Pre-match statement
Hey all,

We have recovered from insufficient driving and insufficient efforts. Our win on nfac remembered us that losing many matches in a row affects the team. Therefore I expect the moral to be higher in this match. We know we can't force the result against this mighty team, but a fun match does it for this week.

Best of luck YYT and Inf-d.
waterBottle TM2S
28/04/11 22:00
Pre-match statement
Final match of the EMS VIII groupstage. We're already group winner, but we'll still go for the win against Inf-d. We don't wanna commit competition forgery by not going for the win and the maximum of points would be great :)
Nevertheless, Inf-d looks better prepared in the return matches, so we expect a nice match :)
Have fun :>
1v1 wells
2v2 frostbeule shief
comments (25)
FIRST ! :D yo inf-d :)
SECOND ! :D yo inf-d :)
yoyo tech :)
Fourth! :/ Slow as always :(
Hi Inf-d :D Let's have some fun <3

Yours faithfully,

Hey YoYoTech <3
hmm how about 21 cet?
YYT|Korre tete de bite
Gl hf for this last match of the group gogo
21h seems ok for us...
You guys have to use a wildcard for that?
really? i thought its not needed if its only 1 hour
gogo i can't wait :p i want play see u at 21h inf-d :p
hey yyt, i have tried to reach out to paddy a gazillian times to check this up, and i couldnt manage to find out. Neither in the rules. I started a protest to set the match at 21:00 and we will see what the consequences are. At least we get to have a decent meal when we play at this time.

match set at 21h. Whose server are we gonna use? Youre welcome as always in our server, but if you should prefer differently, fine either way.
it would be great if we could use your server, as our is lacking FAST :)

regarding relays, you can go via ckay and sigN, they'd gladly host relays for the match.
we dont have fast too^^ aseco. nevertheless still ok to play at our server.
1 edits
ok cool, fixed a relay yet?
i arranged relays and i assume we play on our server since we both dont have fast;) Its usually a steady server.

Details: Inf-d`team PORTUGAl
pw banheira
login delta-team

awesome :)
total fun match. close 3on3 and 2on2, im glad we gave you something to sweat for^^

gg on winning group+match
gg and thx :)
gg :)
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