Announcing the 10th Season of the ESL Major Series
We are back already with a brand new season, the tenth no less, with some of our old choices and a new one, and a record breaking prize pot! Since the summer of 2007 we have hosted a total of nine seasons with over 30 games, 179,000 Euros prize money and an incredible amount of teams and players involved from national qualifiers until the finals. Games that could not find a place in the Intel Extreme Masters but have found one in the ESL Major Series and vast communities spectating their best of the best players in Europe and beyond.
As with every season we began with evaluating the games already included. We could conclude that most of the games would return, unfortunately it was not the case for one. As we already announced a couple of them, the entire list will not be completely surprising, but we can also share with you the prize money and distribution.

The Games of Season X

ESL Major Series X
Prize Money Distribution

CS:Source 5on5

CoD4 5on5

1st 2300
1st 1350
1st 600
2nd 1350
2nd 800
2nd 350
3rd 950
3rd 550
3rd 250




FIFA duel

HoN 5on5

WoT 7on7
1st 250
1st 2500
1st 5000
2nd 150
2nd 1500
2nd 2500
3rd 100
3rd 1000
3rd 2000

4th 1500


5 – 8 1000


Crossfire 5on5

LoL 5on5

1st 2500
1st 2500

2nd 1500
2nd 1500

3rd 1000
3rd 1000


Total: 39000

Prize Money: 39.000 €

As always the prize money for the ESL Major Series games is sponsored by the Electronic Sports League and some are Sponsored games.

Changes in the game's line-up

As mentioned briefly before, we concluded that we had to let go of one game this season and that is Quakelive. (the final of Season IX, new window)

"My game isn't in the list?"

Each season we look at the activity from every game on ESL and beyond. Due to low activity we chose not to opt for any other game at this point in time. If you don't see your favourite game in the list, then do what you can to make it more active on the ESL and it could be included next season. Counter-Strike 1.6 and StarCraft 2 are exclusive to the Intel Extreme Masters.

More details?

The tournament rankings and country slots for the games with national qualifiers, details on how to qualify for Season X in all games will be announced during this and the upcoming week. As well as a specific time line for each game, we begin the season as early as February. Stay tuned and don't forget to visit your country and or game's portal here on ESL frequently.

Have fun and good luck!

Junior, Saturday, 28/01/12 15:07
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comments (414)
TBK wrote:
Trueless wrote:
fuck mw3
cod4 <--BEST GAME!!
Trueless wrote:
fuck mw3
cod4 <--BEST GAME!!


<3 Tankers
World of Tanks NR1 !
World of Tanks!
WOT has a nice pot :D Come over and play! :)

/I do play MW3 too ;)/
WoT Forever!
mw3 bobs
Just wanna know, why Russian section should buy premium accounts for participate in EMS?
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WOT is the bigest here hehe :]
BF3 nuff said
naa mw3 failed cod4 not mw3
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Junior wrote:
Who cheers for Crossfire??

i do :)

EraMyy wrote:


LAdder MW3:


Again you kidding me ??

I could do it for all competitions, and MW3 will always be more active! crossfire is a big joke: maximun 30 team MW3 a hundred active team!

open your eyes,... omg -_-

AND actualy 18:11 saturday 28/01/12 ESL VERSUS CROSSFIRE 63 players BUT MW3 BIG ACTIVITY 400 player in the moment !!!!! stop failand and go organize your professional instead of doing anything!

sorry but ladder doesnt mean shit , most of us dont have time to play ladder cause all teams are training for EMS , why u talk shit about a game u dont even know ?instead of playing a pub game like mw3 (yes i play it its fun for pub) go play cod4 there is a reason why mw3 isnt in ems also we would get 100+ teams if people outside Europe were allowed to play in Crossfire selection since all countrys outside the europe arnt allowed to play in crossfire europe , in total 77 teams signed up in the qualifiers hmm not bad for a F2P fps right ? keep the hate
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look how many players 1V1 ladder :) where are ur statics now ?
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