Cechi vs. VoShiX
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Date Wednesday, 22/12/10 20:00
Calculated 29/12/10 01:07
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Map vote 0 : 1
Map vote 0 : 1
VoShiX wins !
Points 0 : +2
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- Deadline is 3 January 2011, you may reschedule as you want before that.

- Match Mode
All matches have to be played on the latest version of Warcraft III The frozen throne in the best-of-3 (BO3) modus.

- Mappool
The mapppool consists of following maps:
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows
Secret Valley
Ancient Isles
Centaur River
Last Refuge

- Mapvoting
The mapvoting has to be done before the match starts (IRC or GGC). Each player will cross two (2) that are removed from the mappool for this match. Three maps remain to be played. The lower ranked player has the first pick and is allowed to pick the first map of the remaining three maps. In case that no player is ranked higher (for example at the first playday) an Admin coinflip decides who pickes first.

Your admins: MuehliMan & eno
I'd like to play about 25th December and late
What do you say?
27th 28th 19cet should be fine for me
Okey so tomorrow
yes, im raptor|voshix @ mirc
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