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I don’t understand the whole ascent/descent business and which division who belongs to in the ESL Amateur Series divisions.
A division always consists of 2^n participants (e.g. 16, 32 64…). Until you have had 5 matches you belong to the bottom division: the unranked division. Divisions are fixed for a period of 2 weeks, even if someone from the second division has more ELO points than someone from the first division. Divisions are, however, re-calculated every 2 weeks. This means that someone who has the according amount of ELO points is able to ascend more than one division at once.

Who belongs to which division is newly defined every two weeks. This depends on the updated number of points the player has. The best 16 players are members of the first division, the next 32 belong to the second, the next 64 to the third etc, etc…

Example: Clan A of division 2 has 1080 ELO points at the beginning of a “mini season”.
Clan B of Division 3 has 1020 at the same time. Clan A plays unbelievably bad, loses every single match and is left with only 1020 ELO points. Clan B does the opposite and has 1080 ELO points in the end. In this case it is possible that Clan A descends directly into division 3 and that Clan B ascends to division 2.

Is it possible to challenge an opponent who is in a higher division than myself?
No. You are only able to challenge within your own division. This also helps protect top clans from „bashing” weak teams in order to receive points. But even in the top division with 16 teams there should be enough opponents around.

Do the points I have/get in the ladder have an influence on my status within the Amateur Series?
The ESL Amateur Series is completely separate from the ladder. You are able to ascend, but you begin playing there with 0 played games and 1000 ELO points. If you, however, re-enter the ladder, you assume your old stats.

What happens if I ascend from the ladder to the Amateur Series and my Premium Account ends after 3 months? Will I be kicked from the Amateur Series?
As the Premium Account is necessary in order to enter the Amateur Series, you will be informed that you should become a Premium Member again as soon as possible, as you will downgraded back into the advanced ladder otherwise.

What happens if both clans do not have a server?
You must organize a server for yourselves on which you can play.

How long is one season?
There are two types of season. A mini season in which internal ESL Amateur Series ascents and descents are decided on takes two weeks. The whole season which is linked to the Pro Series ascent takes as long as the Pro series itself (6 months).

There is one duty match per week within the Amateur Series. What happens if I really don’t manage to get together a team?
Each match can be postponed within the same week if both parties agree. Additionally there are two wildcards per season (6 months) which can be used to adjourn a match. This must occur at least 24 hours before the match.

How many divisions exist within the ESL Amateur series?
This depends on the amount of participants. If necessary, new divisions are simply created. This means that the number of participants as well as the number of divisions is unlimited.

Is the ESL Amateur Series a system for CS and WC3 only or will the system also exist for 1on1 leagues such as Quake 3 one day?
If there is enough demand, it would also be launched for other games. However, there would be no possibility of ascending into the Pro Series.

What about the games that don’t have a Pro Series? Will they have the ESL Amateur Series?
See last question.

I don’t like the ESL Amateur Series. I want to be able to choose my opponents and I don’t want duty matches.
No problem! The Advanced ladder is just the right thing for you!

But there’s also an Auto Challenger within the Advanced ladder. I’ll have duty matches there as well, won’t I?
No. The Auto Challenger is optional in the advanced ladder. You can activate it, but you don’t have to!

Must I be a Premium member for the ESL Amateur Series?
Yes. However, once a week you can receive 3 free months as a Premium member if you’re the best in your ladder!

But what if I’m the best in the Advanced ladder but don’t want to ascend?
Then you don’t have to, of course. The ascent is optional.

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