EMS VII Quakelive : Playoffs
This week are starting the playoffs matches with the first round of the Winner Brackets! Only 8 teams are left for the double elimination, including the winners of Seasons V and VI!
Without any surprise in groups A & B Four Kings - QuakeLive and fnaticMSI made their way out of the Group Stage without many troubles, only both dropping one map in the last round. Also two teams from groups C & D are not total strangers of the EMS Playoffs, as METSU and xentorium will once again be part of the last phase!

The 4 other teams are team alpha, bloodface, deathreign.tdm, who did great for their first season, and Reason Gaming, a team with a deadly lineups which still needs to demonstrate its motivation.

The first matches are all scheduled on Wednesday, 21CET by default. But the dates and times might change. Just click the "vs" link of a game to reach the match details and a more up-to-date schedule.

Winner Brackets

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
  4Kings 1.
  METSU 8.
  bf 5.
  xt 4.
  fnaticMSI 3.
  dr 6.
  TA 7.
  [R] 2.

Good luck to all the participants!

your ESL Europe
xou, Monday, 15/11/10 18:06
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