League of Legends Specific Rules

Head Admins

Default match time

By default all matches are scheduled for Friday 20:00 CET of the play week. Matches may be rescheduled, see #Scheduling for details.

Player Disconnects

After the disconnect of a player the game will continue. He has to return as soon as possible back to the game and continue playing.

Game Preparation

Champion Bans

Each team can ban 3 champions from the match. In matches with an odd number the left team starts with the bans, otherwise the right team. The teams ban 1-1-1-1-1-1 alternately.

Champion Picks

Each team picks the champions before the match starts open in the pre match lobby. In matches with an odd number the right team starts with the first pick, otherwise the left team. The teams pick 1-1-2-2-2-2 alternately.

Player Preparation

After the share of bans and picks, each team has 5 minutes for needed player preparations, change of runes or masteries.

Match Media


It's mandatory to take screenshots of the champions bans, champions picks and after match of the after match lobby and upload it as match medias on the match page. The duty for uploading lies by the match winner and there's 24 hours to do so.

Match format


Groupstage matches are played as a Best of 1.


Playoff matches are played Best of 3.

In case there are problems with the match settings, please contact a member of the Admin team.

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