EMS VIII LoL: European Qualifier!
League of Legends is now an official title in the ESL Major Series. It's time for your team to sign up! Participate in this tournament with €5000 of prize money: the League of Legends ESL Major Series VIII!

League of Legends - ESL Major Series VIII

The ESL Major Series is the top tournament series in the Electronic Sports League for games that are not represented in the Intel Extreme Masters. League of Legends has attracted a large community from the beginning and inspires many players here in the ESL. Now, to thank the community for their dedication and enthusiasm, League of Legends was made an official title of the ESL Major Series with no less prize money than:


Now it's time! The ESL Major Series VIII seeks their European teams for League of Legends. Each League of Legends team, that does not have a national qualifier, can qualify for the ESL Major Series VIII. You have now a little less than a week to make final preparations. Then it goes on with the training. How many European teams will have a place in the ESL Major Series VIII depends on the number of signups, the more teams that register, the more spots there are for you in the ESL Major Series VIII.

ESL Major Series VIII:

Signup now

Only teams that don't have a national qualifier.
Signup until 19.02.11 17:40
Check in: 17:40 - 18:00
Start 19.02.11 18:00 CET
Structure: Single Elimination

Teams from the countries Germany Romania Bulgaria Spain Poland France Belgium Netherlands Portugal Italy Finland Norway Sweden Denmark NationalESL have a National Qualifier and cannot signup to the European Qualifier as a result, please visit your national section for the signup information. All participants from countries with no National Qualification can signup to this European qualifier.
NachtkindFX, Thursday, 10/02/11 16:38
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mam pytanie, wiecie może do kiedy są zapisy??:PP
Signup until 19.02.11 17:40
Please fix the name of Bulgaria. You mistyped it "Bulgarias" in the frontpage.
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