The Elder Gods Razer vs. eFIFA.pl TEAM
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 7.  15.

 The Elder Gods Razer
Status: closed
MatchID 19865024
Date Sunday, 03/10/10 20:00
Calculated 03/10/10 21:41
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8 : 4
The Elder Gods Razer wins !
Points +3 : 0
27/09/10 14:52
comments (9)
hi guys :)
channel: #eFIFA-neXt
prv me to set a date
when can you play?
GL neXtPlease! :X
you don't answer on mIRC... when you can play?
yo. The match is set on sunday 20cet so why are u asking which date ?^ ^ see ya sunday
2nd: we are on left side so the channel is #EMS.neXt-eFIFA . Thanks for understanding ! love ya ! <3 and dont spam anymore on match detailes.

If you would sometime use your brain and read the rules you would know that teams can play before the deadline (sunday). So that's why asked when you can play. 1st round we played on friday.
2nd admin told that channel: #eFIFA-neXt so see you there. Think before you write :)

(EMS ¤ eFIFA [04:08](16:17goals) neXt // Lukster vs LethaL [4:1] // TiTko vs araghorn [3:4*]// Miris v CezaR [2:3] // NaNi vs LethaL [0:4*]// Szopen vs DraG0N [3:0*]// TiTko vs araghorn [4:5] )
where are MAJKII ? ... write now something SLAVE ! ... i hope u end the same as KATYN forest losers !
btw i know Burdzio did this ;) !
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