EMS VII FIFA10: Playoffs
The ESL Major Series VII groupstage has finished last weeks and we now know the names of the eight teams whom are going to the next stage. Let's see more about this.

The playoffs tree has finally been drawn and we can now start the ultimate step of this competition. There are 2 German, 2 Romanian, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Russian, 1 Slovak and 1 Polish team between the best 8.

Let's see the pairings of the first round:

Sunday, 14/11/10 20:00
Status: closed

 LowLandLions - .. (#1)[7:6] MeetYour.Makers (#8)

Sunday, 14/11/10 20:00
Status: closed

 PinCho (#5)[3:9] AirWalk.FIFA (#4)

Monday, 15/11/10 19:00
Status: closed

 Menage a trois (#6)[6:7] Tera Mindfactor.. (#3)

Sunday, 14/11/10 20:00
Status: closed

 Voodoo Gaming (#7)[1:11] The Elder Gods .. (#2)

Playoffs system

As you already know from previous season we will have a lowerbracket. So each team has a second chance to win the EMS VII, if they lost their first one.


National Qualifiers: 23th August - 12th September
European Qualifier: 3rd September

Qualifying Round 1: 20th September - 26th September
Qualifying Round 2: 27th September - 3rd October

Groupstage #1: 13th October - 17th October
Groupstage #2: 18th October - 24th October
Groupstage #3: 25th October - 31th October

Playoffs Winner Bracket Round #1: 8th November - 14th November
Playoffs Winner Bracket Round #2: 15th November - 21th November
Playoffs Winner Bracket Final: 22th November - 28th November

Playoffs Lower Bracket Round #1: 15th November - 21th November
Playoffs Lower Bracket Round #2: 22th November - 28th November
Playoffs Lower Bracket Round #3: 29th November - 5th December
Playoffs Lower Bracket Final: 6th December - 12th December

Playoffs Grand Final: 13th December - 19th December

Playoffs rankings

EMS VII Homepage

EMS VII FIFA10 Homepage

GL&HF for all teams!

fecosrac, Monday, 08/11/10 22:38
Can't host list
EMSVII Global Rules
Groupstage rankings
Playoffs rankings
comments (4)
Whats about wild card?
Sav1ola wrote:
Whats about wild card?

Stupid bracket...
1-st and 2 place of last EMS in upper half of bracket even if they take 1-st place in their group))
The bracket is pre-determined. One of the teams can redeem itself via lower bracket anyhow if they are that good!
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