EMS X WoT - Halfway through Groups
A total of 20 matches were played in the ESL Major Series X World of Tanks till now! Many of these matches were extremely interesting and we had some surprises in the Group Stage so far! For those that missed those matches, you will be able to read the highlights of the Group Stage in this news.

Group Stage Highlights

Probably the biggest surprise so far in the EMS X Group Stage was seen in the match between Honey Badgers and Evil Panda Squad ! Most of the players expected to see a clean & easy win from the polish team, but their victory was denied by this mixed european team. Even from the beginning, you could have said that this will be a surprise, seeing Honey Badgers taking advantage on the first played map, Mines.

The match needed a decisive 3rd map as the polish team fought hard in Prokhorovka and made the score 1-1. The europeans went in Lakeville with 5 Heavy Tanks having the sole purpose to gain victory in this match and to become the favorites in Group B. You can see the line-ups and screenshots below!

Wednesday, 21/03/12 20:00
Status: closed

  Evil Panda Squa.. (#2) [1:2]  Honey Badgers E.. (#6)

The russians from Dead Red Army lost taught 1st PAD Frozen Moomins a lesson of how to win when you have only 4 Heavy Tanks and the opponent has 5 Heavy Tanks. It was 1-0 for the russians after Mines, but they got hammered in the open field from Prokhorovka and so the score became 1-1.

The polish team took a very offensive line-up on Lakeville, using 5 Heavy Tanks and hoping for a win! Their win was denied by the russians as their teamplay was extraordinary and thus they managed to win the map with only 55 seconds left till the end of it. Well played to both teams!

Wednesday, 21/03/12 20:00
Status: closed

  RoX.KIS EMS (#4) [2:1]  1st PAD Frozen .. (#12)

Other interesting matches

There were some other interesting matches but maybe not so surprising like the already mentioned ones.

Red Tide EMS didn't manage to win a match yet in the ESL Major Series X, and they only have 2 more matches to play, those will surely be decisive for them! They struggled against 1st Pad Frozen Moomins, but they didn't manage to win in the end. Tough luck guys, better luck in the next matches!

Red Tide EMS VS 1st PAD Frozen Moomins
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Red Team 1, one of the best teams in the ESL, had a little bit of trouble against the germans from Peculiar Gaming, as they lost the first map but managed to win the next two without too many problems.

The RED Rush VS peculiar gaming e. V.
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The 2nd place in Group C was probably decided in this match as Finnish Tanks Clan won clean & easy their match against Odem Mortis. After only 2 maps played, the germans called "GG!" thus making the score be 2-0 for the finnish team. They still have a chance to get back on top in the remaining matches, but surely it will be much harder for them!

Finnish Tank Clan VS OM - Whitebeard
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Timeline for the EMS Season X

Groupstage: 12/03/12 - 22/04/12
Playoffs & final: 30/04/12 - 31/05/12

If have any questions, ask in the news comments or contact us via support.

FoaMeA, Thursday, 05/04/12 14:08
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