What is the ESL Major Series?

The ESL Major Series is a series of prize winning eSports tournaments hosted by the Electronic Sports League. The tournaments are the highest level of European competition for the ESL for games not included in the Intel Extreme Masters.

What is eSports?

It is an acronym for electronic sports. This refers to the competitive aspects of computer game tournaments. Players train hours after hours to become the best in their game. The ESL Major Series features the best players and teams from across Europe whose matches are followed online by thousands of players.

How can I take part?

To take part in the ESL Major Series you or your team must qualify through your country's national qualifier. The qualification for each game differs for each country, sometimes it can be the ESL Pro Series, ESL Amateur Series, a national league or open qualifiers. If a country does not have its own qualification then you will be able to qualify through the European qualifier. Details of how to qualify will be announced at the ESL Major Series homepage at the beginning of each season.

What else is happening on the ESL?

Electronic Sports League offers leagues for all kinds of games and gamers. From games that you can download for free to full price PC games you will find a league for everything you ever wanted. Compete for points, become leader of the ranking and earn virtual medals. You can start up teams with fellow gamers and join the team leagues. Lots of cups, ladders and premierships will guarantee plenty of fun for everyone.

Further questions?

If you have any questions about the ESL Major Series, please contact us by writing a support ticket.

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