Why there is no "Default-Win"

After this question has been asked so often here you find the explanation for the ESL not working with Default-Wins.

First of all: What is a Default-Win?
Normally you talk of a Default-Win when there is a match where one of the opponent cheated or didn't show up or left the game before end. A win like this results in the Maximum ELO-points the team/player could possibly get as a result of the match. This results in a conflict with the ELO system, because the ELO system represents the strength of a team/player, meaning the ELO points increase/decrease with the strength of a team/player. Each change of the ELO points which is not a direct result of a game is an invalid manipulation of the ELO-system and would take the sense of the ELO-system. So by giving the maximum ELO points to a team/player from a game which was actually not played is changing the integrity of the ladder. This means the more unreliable or unserious teams/player you have within a league the less serious the ranking is.

To prevent this the ESL differs between a penalty and a result. Within the ESL only matches are ranked which really have been played and have a valid result. Teams/players which prevent a valid result for a game by e.g. cheating or not showing up will be punished with penalty points. To help the league you shall use the possibility of giving a comment about other players/teams or rate them. This helps finding reliable and serious players/teams in the league.

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