EMS VI TMNF: Relegation Today
After a 8 weeks groupstage we can now start off with the ESL Major Series Season VI Relegation in Trackmania Nations Forever! Who will make it to the Playoffs and who is in there already? Read more in this news.


Relegation: 12th of Juli 17:00

Playoffs: Sunday 18th of Juli 17:00

Placements of the Groupstage

As you may know the groupstage is over now. You can have a look at the rankings, all results and further information on the EMS TMNF Homepage. The players who got the first place and second place in their group go direct to the Playoffs and get slot 1-6 there regarding their points/match and after that their score difference. Therefore the six players are:

The 3rd and 4th placed players have to play the Relegations against each other to define the 2 best of them.


Relegation consist of the 3rd place and 4th placed players from the groupstage put against each other in knockout round (1on1on1on1on1on1), the two winners will go through to the Playoffs.

All six players will play in one single match. There is one exception this season. Here the match:

RoB vs. Nick vs. L3genD vs.
Mandioka vs. wh1sper vs. Munkeholm


The Playoffs will be 8 players, double elimination played on one day - 18th July

#ems.tmnf for Support
Good Luck and Have Fun in the EMS Playoffs!

EMS VI Homepage

EMS VI Trackmania Homepage
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