EMS VI TF2: TCM-Gaming takes 1st place!
The main event of the season concluded yesterday late and it was a great match to say the least.
This wasn't obvious from the start as TCM-Gaming quickly proven themselves to be the better team on the first map cp_granary and eventually won it with a convincing 6-1.

On the second map cp_badlands Team Dignitas got a grip on their game and fought strong to secure a mapwin. Near the end of the map the score was 2-3 for Team Dignitas yet that wasn't the end score as TCM-Gaming showed their überskills by coming back spectacularly and made it 3-3 with only 5 seconds remaining on the clock! This means that there was a decider round, "Golden Cap", to be played. This was one hell of a nerve wrecking round as it lasted a little less than 12 minutes! Epic battle were some of the words that came to mind.

As the total score was 1-1 the third map cp_well had to played. This map was chosen as a neutral map, however the map is somewhat disliked nowadays because it's stamped "boring" and usually ends in 1-0, but that wasn't counting on these two teams whom made it a very exciting ending of this final match of the ESL Major Series VI TF2. After some more teeth crunching battles, the time nearly ran out with 4-3 on the scoreboard for TCM-Gaming. Team Dignitas did their ultimate best to make it even but the defence of the mixed European team was too strong for them and so TCM-Gaming won the match with 2-1!

Your champions of the EMS TF2:


Statement from SKiNNie

It was a really epic match I must say. We started really well on granary, winning the middle point on most rounds and we capitalized it to 6-1. Badlands was another story, lately we are having troubles with it. Dignitas played really well on it, putting a lot of pressure on us on middle point. It went to a golden cap, Dignitas capped mid so it looked bad for us. We defended quite well and the round lasted for 11minutes but in the end they had a good push on our last. Well is boring but we enjoyed winning it anyway woot.

Match information and media

Tuesday, 03/08/10 21:15
Status: closed

  TCM-Gaming (#1) [13:8]  Team Dignitas (#2)

SourceTV demo (upload tba)

HiScore.TV VoD

Level Up TV VoD (upload tba)

The Four Best

  Team Dignitas
  I Don't Know €100
  Power Gaming

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone else for participating, spectating and AnAkkk for your hard work!

We also want to thank:
Level Up

See you all at Season VII, qualifiers will start near the end of this month.

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Junior, Wednesday, 04/08/10 21:52
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Congratz guys.
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