ESL Radio interviews EMS Head Admin
Our friends from ESL Radio have interviewed myself regarding the ESL Major Series, the topic is mainly WC3 and other subjects like the poll and general EMS business.
The ESL Radio team is specialized in all sorts of gaming genres, shoutcasts and livestreams a ton of interesting matches and is very active in the community aspect of it all.

In lights of the recent 1,000 Euro poll and the addition of WC3 1on1 in the ESL Major Series, they wanted a closer look in to the why and how.

An excerpt of the interview:

ESL-Radio.de: Okay lets move back to the EMS. When you look back at the WCIP in the EMS are you satisfied with the content, viewers, clicks and the attention of the WarCraft III community that the first Season brought to you and what expectations do you have on the new solo-league?

EMS|Junior: We were certainly happy to have WCIP in the EMS especially because the community invested a lot of time in it and we were definitely satisfied with the numbers, until SC II came out. I hope to have a lot of pro and serious players in the EMS with a ton of exciting matches, which will be broadcasted live for the most part by ESL Radio and ESL TV

ESL Radio

The interview is available in both English and German. We thank ESL Radio for their continued support and endurance. May there be many more live/shoutcasts for the spectators to enjoy.

Interview in English

Interview in German
Junior, Thursday, 15/07/10 17:18
The ESL Major Series
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