EMS VI FIFA10: LowLandLions won
After several weeks, great games were played. Emotionality and competitiveness are the best words to describe whole competition. In the end, the great victory smiled to LowLandLions, that no losses. Undoubtedly a fantastic performance, and an achievement with all of the merit and worthiness. Let's see the last game of EMS VI FIFA10.
They started their campaign by winning the pod. After this victory they caught and beat the Stars, and the final winner brackets defeated the USSR securing a ticket for the grand finale.

Sunday, 04/07/10 20:00
Status: closed

 PinCho (#2)[6:7] LowLandLions - .. (#1)

After having won three consecutive games, which obviously left with all the favorites for this match. The chances of victory have been met, and LLL confirmed to be champions of EMS VI.

With this news we want to reward this victory, giving the deserved congratulations to the LLL Team.

Before ending is just returning a word of thanks to all teams participating, also giving congratulations on the test carried out.

See you at EMS VII.

EMS Admin Team
Shevjke, Monday, 12/07/10 10:36
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