EMS X WoT - Winners!
ESL Major Series X World of Tanks is now finished and it's time to draw the line and see all the winners of this competition. At this level, you cannot call yourself a loser because all the teams are very good and all played extraordinary in this season. We've had a lot of actions during this season, we had comebacks, we had extraordinary teamplay actions and individual actions and most of all, we now have a new winner!

Winners and Final Match

The final started very well for the title holders, The RED Rush, as they managed to win Himmelsdorf after a bad decision from their opponents, to rush while they were clearly disadvantaged. However, RoX.KIS EMS managed to make an amazing comeback in the next map, where they totally outplayed the russians, letting them kill only 2 of their tanks!

Time for Prokhorovka! This map had the most thrilling moment of the whole final and it was a decisive map for this match. Both teams had only 1 AMX 13 90 tanks left and they were both only 1 hit away from destruction, and it was only a matter of reload, which one of those two tanks loads faster! The luck was on the RoX.KIS EMS side, Drag_NN managing to score 5 kills in this battle, an outstanding score for an AMX 13 90 in an official match!

Although the score was 2-1, the match was not over. The RED Rush gathered all their motivation and wanted to get a fast win on Lakeville, as they rushed to the flag in a 4 tanks formation, protecting the AMX 13 90 in the middle. An impressive move from the russians, but their tactics was also counting on the help of the artillery which was killed by an amazing shot from MAX_san, a shot that practically decided the match as the russian assault didn't stand a chance without their precious artillery, thus making RoX.KIS EMS the new ESL Major Series X World of Tanks Winner! A well-deserved victory! Congratulations!

The RED team1
Dead Red Army EMS
The RED Rush: Unity

4th OM - Whitebeard
5-8th Red Tide EMS
peculiar gaming e. V.
Honey Badgers EMS
Evil Panda Squad - EMS

Prize money breakdown

With a total prize money of €15,000 each season not only the top 3 teams won the money. The prize money will be distributed as follows:

EMS X World of Tanks

   1st €5,000
   2nd €2,500
   3rd €2,000
         4th €1,500
  5th to 8th €1,000

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FoaMeA, Thursday, 12/07/12 11:29
Replay of the Grand Final
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thx, GGs wp
It's all very nice but when do we get our prizes? It's been months already...
gratz :)
GG guys

Gulyabani wrote:
It's all very nice but when do we get our prizes? It's been months already...

The first season was paid out some time ago and the 2nd season ended exactly 1 month ago, some time passes when dealing with financial issues of this magnitude. The team leaders know how to get in touch with me if they have any questions.
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