Messerstecherei am Bahnhof  Avalon Heroes EMS 6  id:  5021851

Name Messerstecherei am Bahnhof
Shorthandle Enkd
Registered since 20/04/10
Headquarters  Germany
  1  Awards  
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Leagues & tournaments
    EMS Season VI Avalon Heroes Groupstage 6. Closed matches: 2  (1-0-1)
    EMS Season VI Avalon Heroes Playoffs 8. Closed matches: 1  (0-0-1)
Latest matches
  ESL Major Series Season VI Avalon Heroes Playoffs
loss   WeNeedMoney  0 Sunday, 06/06/10 20:00 3
loss   the whinetrauben  0 Sunday, 30/05/10 20:00 1
  Avalon Heroes 3on3 Cup Series - Qualifier Cup #5 - Q2
loss   EnKiDu  0 Monday, 17/05/10 20:00 1
  ESL Major Series Season VI Avalon Heroes Groupstage
loss   NWO - loveable  0 Sunday, 16/05/10 20:00 2
wins   tesapig EMS Season VI  + 3 Sunday, 09/05/10 20:00 1
Team Captain EMS: Primaltribus

Ownership of Team accounts
The ESL Major Series administration assigns ESL Major Series licenses to each contestant at the beginning of each season.

The license is assigned to a legal entity (registered association, Ltd company, etc.). If a team is not represented by a legal entity, then the ESL Major Series administration will assign the license to a person on the team. This is always the team manager or a person appointed by the team manager.

The license holder is responsible for all actions that concern the team. The ESL Major Series license holder is the entity which will receive the prize money after the season has ended. The license holder can name another person to receive the prize money at the end of the season.


In this case the legal entity of this team will be represented by The Messiah as Team-Owner of "Messerstecherei am Bahnhof Avalon Heroes EMS 6".
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