EMS X CoD4: First details
Some of you already asked for it - Here it is! We proudly present the 10th season of the Call of Duty 4 ESL Major Series - The biggest competition for all games not involved in the IEM. For first details please keep reading on! Once again the prize money increased!

Prize Money

This season the Call of Duty 4 prize money will be increased again by 200 € but as always only the Top3 will be rewarded:

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

2.700 €

Call of Duty 4

   1st 1.350 €
   2nd 800 €
   3rd 550 €


  • National Qualifiers: Now - March
  • Qualification Rounds: March
  • Groupstage: End of March - End of April
  • Playoffs: May

Slots distribution:

  • TOP4 EMS9 Invitations : 4 slots
  • Direct Main Round : 8 slots
  • Qualification Round 2 : 12 slots
  • Qualification Round 1 : 24 slots

Qualifying for Season X

The national qualifiers will be held from now on until the end of February. The exact schedule and slot distribution will be announced in the next days. For national qualifiers, please check your own national portal for news first! For EU qualifiers, keep your eyes on the CoD4 EMS X portal. We will of course make a large collection of all the different qualifiers once we get the information about them.

National Eligibility

National Qualifiers

To be eligible for the national qualifiers, your team must participate with 3 players residing in your nation at all times during all matches. For instance, a team wishing to play in the UK national qualifiers must have 3 UK residents in their matches at all times.

EU Qualifiers

For the EU qualifiers, your team must NOT be eligible for any of the national qualifiers. For example, a team comprised of 2 SE, 1 UK, 1 NL and 1 BE residents would play in the EU qualifiers.

Stay up to date, follow us!

Follow ESL Major Series on Twitter

You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage. You can inform yourself about everything: News, upcoming matches and about the rankings of course. All on one page, so bookmark it!

EMS X Homepage

EMS X CoD4 Homepage

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to idle in #esl.ems!

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messioso, Saturday, 04/02/12 18:03
comments (3)
nice, good luck :)
nice. go! gl, teams.
when can you sign up ? :p
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