EMS V Quakelive: pstarZ kicked
We have an unfortunate announcement and update following the last news regarding the Shub_nigga/Yuka case. It is sad that this first season of Quake Live in the ESL Major Series has already had so much controversy, and today brings more.
After reviewing the demos as requested in the protest of their match against LowLandLions, we came to the conclusion that the player Yuka did use cheats during the match.

We regret to announce that because of having a player cheat during an ESL Major series match, the team inKoming is therefore kicked from the ESL Major Series.
TheRogue, Wednesday, 18/11/09 16:59
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I'm so under pressure (c)
Good decision.
what will we debate now...
How exactly did you get to coclusion that he cheated?
Sorry for probably simple and obvious question, but any case of cheating must be proved, and I didn't see any conclusive proof of Yuka cheating in match vs LLL. Sure, he used fake account, etc, and that got pstarz some penalty points according to the rules (http://www.esl.eu/eu/ems/season5/quakelive/news/105406/) but how do you prove that he actually cheated?
poor noctis seems to have no luck with his tdm teams :x
#5: "After reviewing the demos" we came to the conclusion that he used wallhack. That is the conclusion.
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