EMS - Final Countdown!
Here we go! The last two matches of the first Teams ESL Major Series will decide who will get a part of the 2000€ Prizemoney. YYT facing mX in Grand Final, dignitas - advanced for place 3.

The EMS was the most important team Trackmania league so far. For that we also want to have the best players playing. Thats why the Grand Final will have to be split to two seperate days. So here the quick info first:

Schedule for EMS Finals:

Su 18:00 CET Match for place 3: Dignitas - Advanced
Su 20:30 CET Grand Final: YoYotech - MythiX, 1on1, 3on3, 5on5
Mo 19:30 CET EMS Final WarmUp Cup: Public Competition Cup with Streams
Mo 20:30 CET Grand Final: YoYotech - MythiX, 2on2 (+ Decider)

Prizes Team EMS TMNF

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series VIII

2,000 €

Trackmania Nations Forever

   1st1000 €
   2nd600 €
   3rd400 €

Match for the third place

Sunday, 29/05/11 18:00
Status: closed

 Team Dignitas.T.. (#3)[4:0] Virtual-Effect... (#4)

The match for place three has no chance to get boring. A decidermap should show who will win the 400€ for place three. In the groupstage they faced 2 times and both matches ended 3:3. Also advanced was so close to a victory against YYT and dignitas lost clear 0:4 against mX.

Videostream by InfusedTV with Russki & Nemesis
Videostream by team-dignitas.net with r2k & Guest

Grand Final

Sunday, 29/05/11 20:30
Status: closed

 Team Acer TM2S (#1)[4:3] mythiX eSport (#2)

The Grand Final is a copy of the Final of the last CPS. So YYT is burning for a revenge. They lost 0:4 there. The EMS is the best eSport League and we want to see the best players and close matches. That's why we all agreed to split the match.

Coverage Sunday:
Videostream by team-dignitas.net with r2k & Guest
Videostream by Leveluptv 2 with Russki, NVC & Nemesis
Videostream by tmlive.eu with Calaagree & Fifi
Videstream by Fragster.de with Predator and bmg
Videostream by Esuba

Coverage Monday 19:30 CET (some 20:30 CET):
Videostream by team-dignitas.net with r2k & Guest
Videostream by tmlive.eu with Calaagree & Fifi
Videstream by Fragster.de with bmg & Guest

EMS WarmUp Cup

The actual Competitiontracks seem to be the best ever built and chosen. That's why we decided to give every player a chance to show what he is able to do. There will be a cupmode Cup starting at 19:30 and live on most Streams!

Trackmania Nations Forever EMS
TMNF Competition 1on1 Cup

Cupdate: Monday 30.05.11 19:30 - 20:30 CET
Mode: Cupmode without Finalists (all on one server)
Cupsize: unlimited
Maps: ESL-Kactours, ESL-Spring Time, ESL-Fringe, ESL-Interception won Poll
Settings: 7 Rounds/Challenge, 1 WarmUp, points given to more places
Prizes: tba
Serverdetails: For every signuped player the serverdetails will be shown on Monday latest 30 minutes before the start at the Rule Page

Your signup is without any commitment, no check-in needed and if you dont join the server you dont get any penalty points.
Please pay attention: Your Nickname on the server has to sound like you ESL Nick. Otherwise the Admins cant place your result in the tournamenttree.

Signup without commitment

Good luck and have fun
Thank you all guys for this great season

and goodbye from me

   ESL TMNF Admins!
d-moll, Friday, 27/05/11 01:12
EMS Season VIII TMNF Playoffs
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@other streamers: please send me or post here the details you plan after the splitting of the match.

gl hf everyone, hope to see thrilling matches. 4 thrilling events
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good luck all :)
nice =)
go :D
Let's close this season properly, guguuuuuuuuuuu !! :)
Well done d-moll :)
gl hf! we wait a nice matchs :)
GL HF :)
gg great season. cya next time :)
gg yyt. now pls unlock the teams...
unlock the teams?
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