EMS V FIFA09 1on1: Qualification Round 1 Information
Today we want to inform about the first Qualification Round and upcoming matches. The ESL Major Series has two Qualification Rounds before the Groupstage. Last week we told you who had qualified for each stage, today we will tell you the fixtures for Qualification Round 1.

QR1 and QR2 - Information

Teams in Qualification Round 1 play a match against 1 other team in their round, the winners go through to Qualifying Round 2 to play a team from that round, the winners qualify for the ESL Major Series Groupstage.

Qualification Round 1 - Matches

Playday 1 - Qualification Round 1
crazy_kon LastNight Info
tita matte3 Info
Ezique Snkrjan Info
Maxos mel Info
TomesZ Mirodeniro Info
Xaxotun Elshay Info
Acey AleX Info
zoOky mrgeenensz Info
Falcon Matik Info
Senka Ivke Rolo Info
mOus3r Mario Info
ReDw1nG Yozhyk Info

Format, best of 3 games

Each player hosts a match, the first player to wins 2 games is the winner.
<> Player A [3-0] Player B
<> Player A [1-2] Player B
<> Player A [1-0] Player B
-> Player A is the winner by 2-1 in games

Games can be played via EASO or IP, EASO is the standard way.

If you do use EASO and there is a draw after the 90 m, do this:
a) 1 half, with silver goal format
Silver goal means if one player is leading the score when first half is completed he wins the game

b) If after the first half there is a draw then a 2 half is played but with a goalden goal format.

Note: Continue to play, another game if needed, but always with golden goal - who scores first wins.

Can´t host player

The player that cant host starts all games with a 0-1 disadvantage in favour of the other player.


Each player can use 1 wildcard during Q1 and Q2, so used it only when it´s the only solution.
Junior, Monday, 19/10/09 20:49
EMS V FIFA09 1on1 Qualification Round 1
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gg++ALL go romania go alex gl
and rules ?
bo3? bo2?
Rules are coming!

Massive excuses to the players that have to wait for their opponent, it will be sorted tomorrow.
The major points to know, about the rules, are now on the news.
eu zic ca il batem
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