Nunchuk Blazers vs. district!
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 12.  24.

 Nunchuk Blazers
Status: closed
MatchID 15826130
Date Sunday, 25/10/09 20:00
Calculated 26/10/09 01:36
map DotA Allstars v6.59d
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1 : 0
Nunchuk Blazers wins !
Points +3 : 0
25/10/09 21:27
131 kB, 25/10/09 21:27, by Ph3n0m (nB!)
25/10/09 21:28
824 kB, 25/10/09 21:28, by Ph3n0m (nB!)
* No longer available
comments (12)
hi, when can we play?
Hi Guys, we don´t know a specific time atm.
U got a offer?
propably def day will be ok for us.
The match must be played by midnight of Monday 26th October. Matches may be played earlier if both teams agree, otherwise the default time is 20 CET Sunday 25th October.
Be aware that the time will go back with one hour Sunday morning (Daylight Saving Time)
ok, then we play today 20cet
GL HF mGs CU at 20:00
ok, cu on wcl room.
Geh.aB.Fog-_- hosted @ wcl room
we will be late a bit
GaB won, but I can't upload because we are not in the team yet. I'll upload screenshot/replay as soon as we joined the team.
GG guys
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