How does the Auto-Challenger work?

The Auto-Challenger searches for opponents once a week for the day that was entered in the settings. The match is automatically generated and is obligatory. It may, however, be postponed, if both parties agree. For the formation of the fixtures, the system will always try and find an equally strong opponent that the team has not played against for some time. Of course only teams that have activated the Auto-Challenger for that date are taken into account. Different dates are available for different leagues. The larger the ladder, the more dates are available per week.

The matches are always generated seven days in advance, in the night after the current days matches have been played. The fixtures for a Thursday would e.g. be generated a week in advance in the night between Thursday and Friday.

Where can I activate the Auto-Challenger?
At the Command Center in the division Scheduler of the desired team or for yourself.

What happens when I have no time?
Should you not appear to a generated Auto-Challenger match, you will receive the normal amount of penalty points.

I dont want to play next week?
If you want to prevent the Auto-Challenger from generating a match for a certain date, the Challenger must be deactivated for the according day of the week, BEFORE the match is generated.

Can I move the match?
Yes, the match may be played on another date. It must, however, be confirmed first. As soon it's status is set at "open", it can be postponed. Of course, the opponent must agree first.

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