EMS X FIFA12: The Playoffs!
After the groupstage it's the time to begin the last phase of this competition. In this news we'd like to announce the 12 players who will meet with each other in the play-off. Only a few weeks and we'll know who the best. Let's see the details.

Qualified players from the Group 'A':

1. Versus
2. Gabu
3. Riv9

Qualified players from the Group 'B':

1. Cold-Blood
3. Pari

Qualified players from the Group 'C':

1. WickyBG
2. Ovvy
3. ReDw1nG

Qualified players from the Group 'D':

1. kefir
2. poldi10
3. mrn

The system

The default date on every playweek is Monday, 20:00CET but the current match can be played anytime on the playweek from Monday to Sunday.

We suggest it to the participating players that make an agreement about the suitable date and time on the web page of their match always at the beginning of the week.

Playoffs rankings

Click here for the pairings

   Mode: BO3 system (2 wins needed) Possible final results: 2:0; 2:1; 1:2; 0:2)
   Links: EMS X FIFA12 Rules, Global Rules, Wire portal
   Questions? IRC (#esl.ems.fifa @ Quakenet) and Support ticket

The playoffs has been created with 12 contestants in a single elimination bracket. The top 3 contestants from each group qualified themselves into the playoffs. The group winners have been seeded 1 to 4, the group 2nd places 5-8 and third places 9-12. This means in the first round the group winners won't play. Only the 2nd and 3rd places will play against each other. The contestants have been seeded so that two contestants from the same group can only meet in the semi-final.


National Qualifiers: 6th February - 26th February
European Qualifier: 19th February

Qualifying Round 1: 5th March - 11th March
Qualifying Round 2: 12th March - 18th March

Groupstage #1: 26th March - 1st April
Groupstage #2: 2nd April - 8th April
Groupstage #3: 9th April - 15th April
Groupstage #4: 16th April - 22th April
Groupstage #5: 23th April - 29th April

First round: 7th May - 13th May
1/4 Final: 14th May - 20th May
Semi Final: 21th May - 27th May
Finals: 28th May - 31th May

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

500 €


   1st250 €
   2nd150 €
   3rd100 €

Stay Up To Date

You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage. You can inform yourself about everything: News, Upcoming Matches, rankings. All of this on one page, so bookmark it today!

EMS X Homepage

EMS X FIFA Homepage

We wish good luck to all participants!
// Your Admin Team!

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bo3? bo2?
KennyOii wrote:
bo3? bo2?

"Mode: BO3 system (2 wins needed) Possible final results: 2:0; 2:1; 1:2; 0:2)"
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