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Manuel 'Pesticide' Hoedemakers  id: 272765

Name Manuel Hoedemakers
Nick Pesticide
Member since 28/04/02
Age / Gender 33 Years / male
Nationality  Belgium
Country, City Germany, Köln  (50xxx)
Occupation Senior Manager International Partners
Main team Turtle Entertainment
Homepage http://www.esl.eu/uk/
Manuel Hoedemakers been part of every aspect eSports has to offer. Starting with founding and managing a small team he moved up to managing online tournaments and local lan parties. Participating in prestigious tournaments, he knew he could do better, becoming tournament director of one of the most renowned tournaments in Europe. Eventually settling full time with Turtle-Entertainment.  more...  
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Spring Season 2014 (05/02/14 12:00)
This player doesn't have a VERSUS ranking in the current season.
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