The Last Chance Saloon
With almost all of the qualification finish for Dawn of War 2's EMS, all we have left to do is run the last chance saloon. The winner of this cup will receive 1 Qualification Round slot, the rest will go home empty handed.
Congratulations to the 6 teams who got in to the qualification from the international qualifier:
DD, In memory of diamondZ.DoW, Golden Warriors .DoW II 3on3, Atropine-Esports, System Overload and ThaiMob. These teams will also be playing next week, but they'll be playing to find out who gets the 2 Direct Qualification slots, good luck to them!


EMS Last Chance Saloon

When: 2nd and 3rd of may

4 x 1on1 1 x 3on3 decider
Single Elimination
Max. teams: 16
Open to all teams
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Timetable for the Qualifier
02/05 17:00Round 1
02/05 19:00Quarter Finals
03/05 17:00Semi Final
03/05 19:00The Final

But what's the qualification round?

There are 16 teams in the EMS groupstages. 4 of these teams have already qualified from season 3.

4 more teams will also qualify directly to the groupstages, 2 from the International Qualifier, and 1 from the german and russian qualifiers
16 other teams are given slots in a Qualification round for the remaining 8 slots.

All this means is that these 16 teams must play 1 game against another Qualification round team, and the winner gets into the EMS

This last chance is brought to you by your Waaghboss mob!
bogger, Monday, 27/04/09 14:19
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do you know, when ger eas is? xD
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