in memory of p DoW II  EMS IV  id:  3810531

Name in memory of p DoW II
Shorthandle p\'
Registered since 25/01/09
Homepage http://www.prediction-gaming.n..
IRC #prediction-gaming  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of prediction Gaming e.V.
Headquarters  Germany / Kaufbeuren
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IRC #prediction-gaming  (QuakeNet)
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Leagues & tournaments
    EMS Season IV DoW II Groupstage 11. Closed matches: 3  (1-0-2)
    EMS Season IV DoW II Qualifying Round 8. Closed matches: 1  (1-0-0)
Latest matches
  ESL Major Series Season IV Dawn of War II Groupstage
loss   Russian universe of Warhammer  + 1 Sunday, 31/05/09 18:00 18
loss   Atropine-Esports  + 2 Sunday, 24/05/09 18:00 19
wins   DAWN OF WAR II asdfgh  + 4 Sunday, 17/05/09 18:00 18
  ESL Major Series Season IV Dawn of War II Qualifying Round
wins   USSR DoW Team  + 3 Sunday, 10/05/09 20:00 8
prediction Gaming e.V. DoW II EMS Team

We are still looking for good SpaceMarine, Ork and Eldar Player
Feel free to contact leckawurstbrot

this team is dedicated to N0pe

www.prediction-gaming.net - one step ahead
#prediction-gaming @QNet

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