D-Link PGS vs. unFinished
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 D-Link PGS
Status: closed
MatchID 9077032
Date Thursday, 20/03/08 21:00
Calculated 20/03/08 21:53
map de_train
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11 : 19
unFinished wins !
Points 0 : +3
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     + + - -   
 1.  Ninnzan   3.14 44 14 +30
 2.  Miranda   1.82 31 17 +14
 3.  Mandie   1.73 26 15 +11
 4.  Snotra   1.18 20 17 +3
 5.  p0se   1.05 21 20 +1
 6.  shilla   1.00 22 22 0
 7.  mloda   0.85 22 26 -4
 8.  Anius   0.76 19 25 -6
 9.  charlie   0.77 20 26 -6
 10.  DeeDee   0.64 16 25 -9

20/03/08 19:35
  • EMS Season II - CS Female 1st Groupstage
    - Playday 3 -

    Wilda D-Link (#0) vs. unFinished (#0)
  • [ Prematch Statements ]
  • Our next opponent unFinished is a great team, so this match will be a hard fight for us. We'll just try to give our best in this match, but the most important for us it's enjoy the game. GL & HF Girls :)
  • This will be a great game since we dont know that much about our opponents. I can also see that the team got one new member, Blondi so good luck to you girlie :)
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comments (25)
gah, wroted the statement in the comment system :| im blond..
2 edits
Hello ladies,

Can we do this match Sunday the 23rd of Mars, 21.00 cet?
Please write me at irc, #unFinished or just write here :)
Hi we can't 23.03 , maybe thursday (20.03),21:00cet?
Hello again,
Yes I THINK thursday will be OK for us, I will check up everything first and then u will have my answer :D
Hello again,

Yes, we can game now on thursday, the 20th of Mars at 21.00cet
Shall we decide map already now? :>
I think its you who shall start to choose a map you don't wanna play :)
ok we remove de_dust2
nuke removed
inferno removed
tuscan removed (surprise? :P )
see u at de_train, 08-03-20 21:00

I will write to u at wednesday to try find a server who's good enough for us both.
see u later
lets pangpang giiirls :) Wilda D-Link Femme @www.clanserver4u.de
pw: piwo
Hello there, i will check the server as soon as i come home, right now at work.
Hello again,

can both of the teams start looking for a German gamehosting?
because your server will be with too high ping for us, it will be the same if you will game on a swedish server.
but we gave U German server :>
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Yes, but its a huge different between a german server and a german gamehosting. as u can see, i already had 80 ping without even join the server. At a game hosting we have around 40-50ping.
Its not all about the ping either, and the hitbox at other german servers is totally chaos. Still looking for a gamehosting that we can set up in .de.
Okey, i just recieved a server from crtmN, a german gamehosting and here u can see the different from the one u gave me

Your serv: http://www.speedyshare.com/457131121.html
ESL admin - gamehosting: http://www.speedyshare.com/924468195.html

Shall we game on that one?
I think it's ok :)

Don't forget to upload the aequitas files.
gege girls :]
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