EMS Season X - Qualified teams
ESL Major Series Season X - It's time to present the Heroes of Newerth qualified teams. We had four qualifier cups for this Heroes of Newerth ESL Major Series Season X, where top 3 of each cup qualified.
5000 Euros in prize money is on the line for ESL Major Series Season X Heroes of Newerth, so it's time to start the competition!
Round 1 of the groupstage will start 18.03.12 19:00 CET.

EMS Season X - Qualified Teams

Trademark eSports - Invited Top4 in Season 9
Frenetic Array - Invited Top4 in Season 9
plan-B HoN
German Squad 5
Its Gosu
Smart Went Crazy
Happy Timess
Isot Pelit
How I Met Your Mom Replaced HoNPortal.org
BX3 Multicasters Replaced Heltene

You can find all the groups here
An overview of the brackets can be found here

We wish all the teams good luck!
The staff
Sawdaw, Sunday, 18/03/12 19:13
EMS HoN Portal
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u will cast some matches?
staYHere wrote:
u will cast some matches?

Some of the matches can be casted by our partners or ESL.tv
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