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Just a few days to go until the first matches will be played. One important thing for all team-leaders is the Players Invite Forum, because there we summarize all important information. Today we created it and also added some of you already.

Players Invite Forum

We just created the Players Invite Forum. There we summarized the most important information for you. Each team has the right to add up 3 players to the forum. Therefore we just gave rights to the players with the highest rank/permissions. We added:

mythiX: Aken, Kryn
Dignitas: Bergie
Acer: JWH, Frostbeule
@Gamed: marsh, jJ, iceman
BX3: znik, Chillerside, Clemouf
Rule them All: joey, mini, blizz
Infused: Nielos, Andax
Tt Dragons: Taart, bazz, Void

So please all of you check if you got access to the Forum. If not, or if you would like to add / exchange players, then just write a comment under this news. Please give us the ID of the player.

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Players Invite Forum

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joey, Wednesday, 09/05/12 10:25
comments (2)
That's ok for me, thanks.
Dignitas: Add DVD and Spam please :)
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