XP Boost during holidays
Everyone who gets a new or old game for Christmas can play it in the ESL and will be rewarded with double experience points. At the end of the year we will give you a little gift for all games here on the ESL page - double experience points towards your ESL level.
From the 24th of December 2009 until the 1st of January 2010 you will get double XP for every match and every gather, and also for playing on King of the Hill servers, for every game!

How many XP do I get for a Win or a Loss?

All ESL game activities are integrated in the ESL level and you will receive XP (eXPerience). There are two main ways to get XP, playing an ESL match or playing an ESL gather. Besides that you also earn XP points for playing on King of the Hill servers.
Gather 20 XP20 XP
ESL Match*100 XP250 XP
Gather 40 XP40 XP
ESL Match*200 XP500 XP
* An ESL match is any kind of match with an opponent in a ladder, EAS, Premiership or Cup. A draw counts as like a win giving you full XP points.

If you want to know more about the level system, then you can read this FAQ. There you find the most answers to your questions.

We wish you Merry Christmas and have fun playing in the ESL.
bLackhawk, Monday, 21/12/09 12:53
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very nice
lol, good idea XD
So during the x-mas and newyears time u can identify the persons who dont have a real life :D
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sry WoW will take all my time during christmas till end of the year!
any game ? :O
that is coool :)
Nicee =D!
nice but im barred xDDD
If i cant turn that xp into cash or something,then i realy dont give a shit do i!!!!
Oh And merry x-mas
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Supeer :D
esl level 1337 xd
very nice
nice!, my account is bloked for moment... :S
nice nice! unfortunately im on holidays back in my hometown xD.No gaming at the moment :P . The XP Boost is a good idea anyway at least for those 24/7 gamers with no holiday breaks xD.
Have Fun
Nice! :)
good ..
yeah, nice :D
Private server, XP x8

Are the admins wow addicts ? :P
Premium teurer pls!
nice ;)
gz ;)
gj :)
what's the purpose of ESL experience? Is this like a mmorpg? You get more stuff with higher lvl? lol
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