waterBottle TM2S vs. Rule them All
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 waterBottle TM2S
 Rule them All
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MatchID 25957905
Date Sunday, 03/06/12 21:00
Calculated 03/06/12 22:39
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3 : 3
Points +1 : +1
03/06/12 22:36
1on1, Flatliner: 7-1 Acer
226 kB, 03/06/12 22:36, by joey (»ЯтА«)
03/06/12 22:38
170 kB, 03/06/12 22:38, by frostBeule (waterB)
03/06/12 22:37
2on2, Flatliner: 5-4 RtA <3
278 kB, 03/06/12 22:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
03/06/12 22:38
288 kB, 03/06/12 22:38, by frostBeule (waterB)
03/06/12 22:37
3on3, Motionless: 7-6 RtA <3²
292 kB, 03/06/12 22:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
03/06/12 22:38
303 kB, 03/06/12 22:38, by frostBeule (waterB)
03/06/12 22:37
5on5, Feelings: 7-3 Acer
298 kB, 03/06/12 22:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
03/06/12 22:38
302 kB, 03/06/12 22:38, by frostBeule (waterB)
Rule them All



waterBottle TM2S



Rule them All
02/06/12 12:52
Match vs Acer
Last week Dignitas, now Acer! We met Acer a few times in 2011 already, but so far they've always defeated us. We don't expect them to be worse than last year, so it's surely gonna be an even harder match for us this time, also regarding it's EMS. Our hope is that we won't face a perfectly prepared Team Acer, which might be our chance for this match, even tho we don't expect them to underestimate us. Anyways, we will try our best =)
gl hf
waterBottle TM2S
02/06/12 11:41
New map pack, new chances? This map pack (and upcoming 3 matches) are probably the most important of this season as we'll face RtA, Mythix and Dignitas!

RtA has been a fierce competitor in 2011 especially where they came out of nowhere and started owning things up. We faced them on multiple occasions and the matches were extremely close! Now it seems that RtA may have gone a bit weaker compared to then but they still have their strongest players - so we're prepared!

Matches against RtA have always been good and I am sure this one will be good aswel. Good luck and have fun!
comments (17)
hi RtA
hi Acer
let's have another nice match! :)
hey guys :D
hi Acer :)
Yo! Pity I wont be able to play this match :(
We always had nice matches against each other =)

Gogo! gl hf =p
hi rta ! :D
hey guys, so can you host with relay? sadly we don't have a relay for some unknown reason.
ye we can host with relay frost

server is in germany > bavaria > augsburg
name is Rule them All
pw = gogo


cya later
cheers, cya then :)
We just logged in on your server and the lag is horrible, even the cars have no wheels. Can this be fixed or should we move to our server?
gg great match
gg awesome fight
gg :D
2n2 22 rounds
holy moly this time we were the lucky ones ^^

revenge for TmT =D

gg! =)
awesome match guys, ty for that! :D

2n2 =D
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