Team Dignitas.TM2S vs. Rule them All
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 Team Dignitas.TM2S
 Rule them All
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MatchID 25957900
Date Sunday, 27/05/12 20:00
Calculated 27/05/12 21:25
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5 : 1
Team Dignitas.TM2S wins !
Points +3 : 0
27/05/12 21:37
1on1, Quebec: 7-3 RtA
229 kB, 27/05/12 21:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
27/05/12 21:38
238 kB, 27/05/12 21:38, by Bergie (dignitas)
27/05/12 21:37
2on2, Quebec: 5-0 Digni
231 kB, 27/05/12 21:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
27/05/12 21:39
243 kB, 27/05/12 21:39, by Bergie (dignitas)
27/05/12 21:37
3on3, Dragonborn: 7-2 Digni
263 kB, 27/05/12 21:37, by joey (»ЯтА«)
27/05/12 21:47
272 kB, 27/05/12 21:47, by Bergie (dignitas)
27/05/12 21:38
5on5, Nowhere: 7-2 Digni
282 kB, 27/05/12 21:38, by joey (»ЯтА«)
27/05/12 21:53
309 kB, 27/05/12 21:53, by Bergie (dignitas)
Rule them All



Team Dignitas.TM2S

Carl Jr.


Rule them All
24/05/12 21:29
Match vs Dignitas
So here we go for the 3rd EMS match. Last week we gained our first points, but now one of the best teams is knocking at the doors: Dignitas. We played against them once and lost, and unfortunately Sunday is a bad day for us this week.. so we dont know what to expect from this match. Dignitas is the clear the favourite, thats why we will just try to tease them a bit :p gl hf
Team Dignitas.TM2S
25/05/12 00:36
Prematch Statement
Hello Rta,

During last season of STC we got to witness some of Rta's power when they scared us on the first map ( a 7-5 win for us ). This season of EMS they have so far done fairly decent, and they certainly deserved atleast a point vs mX. I have a good relationship with their players and it's always cool to play against people that you enjoy being around with, but we cannot underestimate them at any point or we will be in trouble once again.

comments (11)
lol :D
yo ^_^
yo :)
Do you guys want to host for the match?^^
i guess so, but cant say for sure. depends if our server lets us °,°

however, got another point: would playing on saturday be an option for you ?
Not really, since im going away to a BBQ with my family at my uncle's place :p Also my players prefer to play on sunday ;/
I hope you have a server ready for tonight :d
server is in germany > bavaria > augsburg
name is Rule them All
pw = gogo


i hope they work.. :p

gl hf
gg rta, ul on 3on3/5on5 :/
gg :D
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