Team Dignitas.TM2S vs. Tt Dragons
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 Team Dignitas.TM2S
 Tt Dragons
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MatchID 25957896
Date Sunday, 20/05/12 21:00
Calculated 20/05/12 22:43
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Tt Dragons
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Team Dignitas.TM2S
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Result Media 
5 : 1
Team Dignitas.TM2S wins !
Points +3 : 0
20/05/12 22:56
130 kB, 20/05/12 22:56, by Taart (Tt)
20/05/12 22:41
290 kB, 20/05/12 22:41, by Bergie (dignitas)
20/05/12 22:56
214 kB, 20/05/12 22:56, by Taart (Tt)
20/05/12 22:41
401 kB, 20/05/12 22:41, by Bergie (dignitas)
20/05/12 22:56
142 kB, 20/05/12 22:56, by Taart (Tt)
20/05/12 22:41
321 kB, 20/05/12 22:41, by Bergie (dignitas)
20/05/12 22:42
371 kB, 20/05/12 22:42, by Bergie (dignitas)
Team Dignitas.TM2S

Carl Jr.


Tt Dragons



Team Dignitas.TM2S
19/05/12 23:09
Prematch Statement
Hello TtDragons!,

This is the first time we play against the former team of YDK, and I am unsure what to except of them. I have obviously noticed their "mix-team" this season with people from eSuba, mTw etc, so I think they'll be able to provide some epic fights tomorrow. As for us, coming from a clean victory against BX3, we except to perform atleast as good as against the norwegian org and hope to win our second match in a row.


PS: I have been busy all day long with setting up servers, administrating and playing in the alienware cup. Therefore my statement is a bit late, but hopefully I can be excused :) Wont happen again!
Tt Dragons
20/05/12 13:10
Statement Tt Dragon
Here we go!

The second playday and it wont get easier! We are again the "underdog" for the upcoming match but that wont matter. Dignitas gonna play for the Top 2 for sure so it will be a rly hard match for us. We gonna go out there and give our best and try to make it a hard match for Dignitas.

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Hi, lets play this match in FIFA without any luck factor? Oh wait.. bazzy xDDDDDDD

We would prefer to play at default time, which is 21 cet for this game^^ You can host if you'd like, and also is it possible to play 3on3/5on5 first? :D
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Yo guys :)

i will ask my team if its possible for the time/submatches
if u guys have a server with fast, then u should host cause i dunno if i can fix the serverproblems till then :)
yea bergie :D lucky like the last 3 matches! nooby :D
We have a server but we dont have a relay, so if you could add a relay to our server then I guess we can host:P
we should ask the esl admins to give us a relay then i think that should be possible :)

and ye default time and 3n3/5n5 first is fine for us :)
Sounds good^^
yop :)
Again i got a 250 slots relay you guys can use. Just send me a pm with the server details before sunday :)
well bergie will send u a msg then =)

edit: ty again :)
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I spoke to Druidz|Heden and we can borrow their server. We used it last week as well and it's pretty good and also with a relay server that has more than enough slots^^
Okay :)
Quat and me will stream this match again on our channel if possible with a cool guest again!

yop dignitas

Password: eslpro


gg guys rly close 5n5 :)
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