First 4 spots for EMS
The first 4 spots for the upcoming ESL EMS tournament in dota are awarded to:

The next chances to get a place in the EMS is:

2nd qualifier (4 spots): 7th of October, 16:00
Last spot qualifier: 8th of October, 18:00
Zolex, Monday, 01/10/07 00:02
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If there's one thing I dont like about the ESL, its the navigation on the homepage. How did those teams get the spots? Direct invite? If not how were they able to qualify, I didnt see any announcement anywhere. And how can you participate in the upcoming qualifier? Still 1 spot for each country except for those who have to play in the international qualifier?

So many questions, so little information.
this is bullshit, the qualies were supposed to b yesterday, but they didnt happen, the organization mega sucks, there were 8 teams signedup on saturday, and on sunday 5. no explenation why, no nothing.

1st time is c this kinda thing.
Dont know who is running this sh*t but he should buy a brain or smth like that.

and yea we were among the 8 teams u guys erased
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Lol they didnt even play, just needed to Signup....

When will the national qualifiers be???
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