Neoact becomes official partner in Carom3D section
We are proud to announce a new partnership within our international section of the ESL: Neoact, as the publisher of the game Carom3D, will walk with us in the upcoming month through ladders & cups, events & championships. Excited? Get the first information within our news.

Carom 3D is an online multi-user billiard game created with special 3D graphic effects bringing every aspect such as 6 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball, snooker and other billiard games to life. Carom3D supports many differnet game- and roomtypes for everybodys needs and wishes.

InGame screenshots in the Korean Room

In the upcoming months you will experience in our international section of Carom3D in the ESL many new events, cups, championships and so on, all based on the amount of

  70.000 Chalks

As a first lottery 3 players have the chance to get 100 Chalks each. Just give us a little comment in this news concerning this cooperation with Neoact - your thoughts, your wishes, feelings. We will pick the lucky users in a few days. Good luck and welcome Neoact!
Simon, Friday, 10/08/07 14:38
ESL Carom3D: international section
official download mirror
website of the game Carom3D
website of the publisher Neoact
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A Nice solid foundation to build something big on it.
Yeah nice :)
Nice event. :)

Now to carom3d the special 3D graphic effects bringing a nice feeling in the game.

hm i thnik...

Carom3d is one of the best online billard games then other billiard games.

All new events cups are welcome :P
i wish you all a lot of fun and once again a big thx to neoact and the esl carom3d admins for making this possible
Very nice,i hope this is going to work good.

very nice to get a bigger community ;)
ack @ 1-2

also many thx to Pesticide and Comworm.
yes wääääääääry nice
i think that is very nice because maybe now more players will play in cups and in the ladders. the chalks are very good :D. welcome in esl neoact :D
I think its very good to have partnership with neoact because its better to get information about bigger updates and i think the carom3d community will grow now because now we can win chalks :)
its very important to have parnerships with neoact so u can improve ur settings and rules ;)
good job! It's about time you two collaborate
with this i hope further players from .eu will register themself @ esl.

with this partner the community will become bigger and there will be more acticity.

a good way to come back to the old time :)
nice cooperation ... ftw!

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Maybe neoact is able to build a special ESL Location Room in the game ;)
Hopefully this will give a major boost in developing and promoting this the best online biliards game!!!

Good luck Neocat and ESL!!!
Very nice.....maybe there will be more action now in the c3d section of the esl D:
Very nice greTzZ Player : Patrick.G
Very very nice ;)
Hello Neoact
i can´t wait to play the next cups,events and so on ;)

<3 neoact *grins*
I think that this collaboration is very important for the esl and for c3d.
I hope there will be a better support for carom, because the activity is not so good ;)
And i hope that ESL will a part of the game (f.e. special rooms, easy upload and many other things)

sry for my bad english
hopefully this will improve the esl activity of this game.
it definitly deserves it :)
nice ... took a lot of time, didn't it? :)
good :P
hope that this partnership gets a lot of good results for all the players
This partnership is great! ^^
Some players like me couldn't buy chalks before because of special reasons. But now everyone has got the chance to get chalks so that everyone can get a nice cue for example. ;)
Good luck and fun for all players in the following cups!
I think, Updates could be better if Neoact has a partner like the ESL.
@#25 http://www.gameis.com/mymanager/pay_form_2.asp?aidx=36
thats an other way to get chalks, you need no paypal and no creditcard :).
Nice move from both sides! :)
Should bring some new activity especially to the German Community, I suppose :-)

Really looking forward to it!! :)
Wow - I think this new partnership between ESL and Neoact is very interesting, because both and the users have advantages. Maybe the Carom section will now again improved. Very good step!

that is a verry good step. I hope that the community will grow up, like it has 1 year ago, when Carom first startet in the ESL.
sounds lovely... :)

have fun for all :D
Sounds good. Let's hope for a nice develeopment of this partnership and some more competitions for us. :)
will be a succesfully partnership

I'm curious about it :)
Even without the official partnership with neoact the ESL organised good tournaments and ladders, I hope there will be better prizes now, and of course more players from all over the world to join this ESL-Sector, because the most were from Germany, and we need some others too... ;)
yeah thats what we need(ed)!cause now i hope that more players from all over the world will come to eSl.
wow very nice site,multi languages...
I play carom for 1 years but I got some bored,
Now I playing Astron,it too Neoact's online game.
If I win chalk from here I can enjoy carom3d again ;)
Really a straight and solid decision. I hope for the future, many players of carom3d.com would register here too. Personally i wish us a Pro Series for Carom3D, for the players here it would be very interesting i think. The fact is, we have cups and a good structure atleast, but not much enough players are active.

wow thats cool :D please keep up this cooperation all the time
maba wrote:
ich finds geil, wie alle die int news zu ballern um die chalks zu bekommen :DD

Simon wrote:
wahrscheinlich das erste mal das ne int news mehr comments hat als die dazu passende de news :D
Super, i like the cooperation. It's just in time, because played this game already for 2 years.
nice coopertion....I hope i win the chalks here :P
Wow, i think this is very good for ESL and Neoact.
I hope the carom3d part in the esl will be bigger, because of new players...

I guess, now there will be more carom players here, and I suppose the tournaments and the ladders will be more competitive now. This is a very important step for ESL and Carom's developement. Good Luck to NeoACT and ESL ;)
Nice leap for ESL and Neoact :) Train harder and get to be #1 :). Can I get one of the nice cues? :D
woohoo i wanna get some chalks!!!!!!! :0
very cool ;-)
Welcome NEOACT ;-)
And now the Carom3D Sektion in the ESL will be bigger than ever ;-)
The cooperation with Neoact is very important.

I think with this cooperation could the section "carom3d" at the esl becoming a big and great community.
Hmm, so... I like this game.
Good Job and Good Luck in ESL, Neoact.
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we are organizing events at the moment, as soon as we have a detailed schedule for everything we'll make a big announcement, hopefully already in the upcoming week :)

ps: capslock 4tw? ;-)
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