Quake/UT fans watch out - Get a Nexuiz Beta Key!
Nexuiz is an fast paced Arena First Person shooter with extremely competitive game play first released in 2005 and developed until 2009. On May 10th IllFonic is going to release their official remake powered by CryENGINE 3. If you ever enjoyed the original Nexuiz, any part of the Quake and UT series or Warsow, you should give it a try.
The beta got extended until the 7th of May and we have 200 beta keys right here for you. First come, first serve - just grab one as long as they are available and get to know Nexuiz on the remaining days of its beta. IllFonic is really interested in feedback and there are a lot of polls ongoing at the official forums.

Get a Beta Key for Nexuiz
More information at nexuiz.com

What is Nexuiz?

IllFonic's remake of Alientrap Software's Nexuiz is designed for competitive play featuring balanced weapon set, classic game modes and Clan and Leaderboard support. Included are nine arenas and over 100 power-ups called 'Dynamic Mutators' such as Jetpacks, Uber-Nuke, Low Gravity, Big Head Mode and more.

Once Nexuiz is fully released, we will add it to ESL and VERSUS. Stay tuned!
otacon, Thursday, 03/05/12 15:39
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Quake 3 Arena cpma is still the best game !!! :D
Where can I download the beta? On its official site is nothing...
You can activate your beta key in steam. The game will be added into your steam library.
I insered the beta key and it says i already own the product but infact i don't. No new game in my library too -.-''
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